Check my work? Free-way Ultra HH Series Phase Split '50s 2V2T


Please check my work. This is the first wiring diagram I've attempted. :binkybaby:

I started with the HH Series Phase Split 1V1T diagram offered in this PDF on StewMac. It claims to be humbucking in all positions. I flipped the neck pickup to use outer coils. Then I used the 3x3-05 2PU 4Pot PDF offered by Free-Way themselves to help switch to 2V2T and adjusted it for '50s wiring. The 4 wire colors were changed to match the Seymour Duncan pickups I plan on getting.

I have a computer science degree and am well aware of novices who grab code from different sources and merge it together with no clue of what they're really doing. Sadly, I now find myself doing roughly the same with electronics. I have some knowledge, but the rest is taking my sources at their word without full understanding. I didn't change the wiring on the switch itself at all. Multi-position 4-pole switches seem simple enough and I appear fine with series, parallel, and out of phase connections. However, there's things like why Neck North Start is on 4A just to connect to nothing that I don't quite grok. Meanwhile, the original diagram didn't show the pickup poles so I'm not sure if I screwed up the opposing coils when I allegedly flipped the neck pickup. :dontknow:


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I never used that switch.  I've always used the diagrams directly from the freeway website.  That said para out of phase is not as interesting as series out of phase.
There's a diagram on the freeway website that will get you positions 1, 2, 3, 4, out of phase in series, and the bridge split.  Not only is it versatile (the out of phase setting with the series is nice and nasely ) it uses the simpler switch.  Also I've written via email to the the freeway folks and they always respond.  Mind you they have a business to run but they respond.  If it were me I'd ask them.  When it comes to wiring I just follow the instructions.
Honestly, the out of phase stuff in position 5 was just something I left from the original and figured I could replace later. I excused it thinking it would help justify my 2V2T controls further. I likely would have swapped it with inner coils (either series or parallel) if I could have figured out how without losing the rest.

Positions 4 and 6 appear to be messing with phasing because I frelled up the neck pole labeling. (Is the side the wire extends from on the pickup meant to display it?) I want a position with outer coils humbucking and another with outer coils parallel.

I want to keep positions 1-3 standard.

Updated with hopefully proper neck poles:


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I think what you're looking for is diagramed on the Freeway website.
rick2 said:
I think what you're looking for is diagramed on the Freeway website.

Not quite, but 3x3-05 2PU 2Pot A does contain the schematic I got from StewMac so I can confirm the wiring on the switch itself wasn't pulled from someone as clueless as me. I must have missed it focusing on the 4 pot file. Thanks. :)
Did you try asking the folks at Free-way directly?  Just because a configuration does not appear on their list of schematics on the site, does not mean that they do not have something close to what you are looking for.

On Saturday, I did this for a layout not exactly like one publicly visible on their site.  Monday afternoon there was a schematic sitting in my inbox that met my request.  :eek:ccasion14: In my email I had stated that I was using DiMarzio's and their reply included the correct wiring colors.
Hope this helps someone.  :dontknow:


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