Buzzing noises........remedies............

Hey Beast, good website, I like it, theres a lot more than juts buzzing info there. They do a good job of explaining things in laymans terms.

Nice piece on setup too

Yeah I realized alot of the info was oriented towards, less knowledgable folks, but that is usually the ones that need this type of info so I thought it would be good for the guy New to setups, and issues and such....but there really is alot of very informative stuff for anyone interested in really knowing the instrument, which leads to bigger and better sites.....etc..... :sign13:
This is funny, I like the last three,
      http;// <--- the platinum standard of guitar repair

Frank Ford, is arguably the best acoustic guitar man on planet Earth, but most of what he shows is applicable to electrics as well, plus... he is one sweetheart of a guy.