Black Korina, Ziricote


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Here is my latest finished project.

It is a Black Korina hardtail body, with a Ziricote/Ziricote neck. The neck is unfinished, Warmoth Pro build, SRV contour, with 6150 frets, no face dots, planet wave tuners.
The body is finished with Tru-Oil.

The pickups are Roadhouse Specials which have great note separation, broad harmonic response and keep their definition when overdriven.

The guitar plays very well. The neck is smooth and feels very natural and warm. It has great punch, sustain, and warmth.  Thanks Warmoth team!


Korina is such a cool looking wood. That's interesting you made your own pickups. Did you base them on any specific specifications?
Hey Trouble , sweet looking Guitar. I love everything about it.

I also spin my own pickups, I have only used the pickup kits from stew mac and those are fine for now, The sound i get with 7500-8500 wraps is pretty dog gone good. I made my first Humbucker just hours ago and should have it installed tomorrow, The bobins would only accept 6000 turns each, we'll see how it sounds.

My next venture would be to make all the parts for the pickup, If i'm gonna save money making pickups, I might as well save as much as I can, plus try some ideas.

Did you use permanent magnets? and if so did you match polarity of magnets with the direction of the winding? One of the first things i learned, alnico needs to be charged, so i had to buy some rare earth magnets to give them magnatism. Prior to that they had none

Would love to share any pickup making ideas you or I might have

:icon_thumright:  That Tru-oil finish looks really rich. Kind of a warm glow to it and you can see the depth of the grain. Really nice on all counts with that one!
Hey Alfgang, I see you and I live in the same area. It would be great to collaborate and share some ideas. I have some parts that perhaps we could trade.

TT, I am in Tualatin, just south of Portland about 5-10 miles.

Sounds good, I do have something I need a partner on, I have an idea for a guitar part that i cant share here. I dont need a money partner, I need an idea partner.
I have the idea, just need to make it work, when you hear it your gonna think, why has no one done this before.

That is one guitar that I never get tired of looking at. I loved it on the other board and the step by step finishing photos and I still love it on this board. Keep up the great work.  :headbang:
Troubled trem:

Since I first saw that picture I've been jonesing a Black Korina body and Ziricote finger board. Great work. :hello2:

Hey, TroubledTrem,

I pulled the trigger and ordered my Korina body off the show case today It was item#S2112 The flamed top Korina on Korina back. It is being routed for H-X-H and a vintage trem.

Niiiiice!  :hello2:

Are you going to finish it yourself? What are you going to do for a neck?

I am still enjoying mine very much. Cheers!


TroubledTreble said:
Niiiiice!  :hello2:

Are you going to finish it yourself? What are you going to do for a neck?

I am still enjoying mine very much. Cheers!


Are you kidding me?  Your Blk Korina, and Greggs 7/8 scale black Korina guitars are the two most awesome guitars I have ever seen.

So when you say enjoying it very much, it just doesn't sound like enough of a commitment from you.  :toothy10:

Let me know if you wanna sell it.  Yo TT  I got my experimental pick-up done, works good
I have to agree, this one and Gregg's 7/8 are very high in my top 3 !
Actually, the back of your guitar alone is already sexier than any other stock guitar I have ever seen!