Black Korina, Ziricote

Alfang said:
Are you kidding me?  Your Blk Korina, and Greggs 7/8 scale black Korina guitars are the two most awesome guitars I have ever seen.
Let me know if you wanna sell it.  Yo TT  I got my experimental pick-up done, works good

Two!!! This guitar is f*&%$#  awesome!
Wow guys, I don't know what to say. If there were a vote on the nicest pieces I would vote for many others.

I guess it's like being in a room of beautiful women. Each one has thier own merits that make us crazy and we want hold each and every one of them.

...hmmmm.. maybe I should get a picture of a pretty girl holding this guitar...... :laughing7: :doh:


Hey Alfang, I have been so frikin busy lately. All good fortunatly. I would love to hear about them pups you've been making. Did you start a thread about em? Come Oct 17th I think I might check out Johnny A. @ the Alladin. I can't belive I missed Robbin Ford and Larry Carlton. Cheers, err umm, Beers!  :eek:ccasion14:

As I mentioned before seeing your Black Korina beauty got me jonesing for one. The original one I wanted was item#2074 but when I was ready some one beat me to the trigger. If I could have turned my foot 90 degrees I would have kicked myself in the ass.
Dan sent me an email and told me it was gone so I waited about two weeeks and item#2112 showed up since I had more than half of the deposit already there I pulled the trigger and should see it in the next week or two. To answer your question I still am thinking on the finish, I was thinking of either tru-oil hand rub finish or Generel Finishes arm-a-seal finish I haven't decided yet. I also have a friend that does custom lowrider paint jobs and was thinking of having him shoot it to look like glass. He'll shoot candies or metal flakes for me all day because he a good guy. I am setting up my shop currently to start building from scratch as a hobby builder so he'll come in handy for paint jobs down the line. Hey I'm just a barrio boy who lives in homeboy heaven Los Angeles County Calif.  As far as the neck I am still out on that. Right now I'm concentrating on getting all my hardware together. I'll shoot some progress pictures once I get parts and things assembled.

Excellent man. I am looking foward to seeing a thread with your name on it and a bunch of pics. Keep us posted please.

It looks amazing!
Like many others I need to have a little look at it every day.
I´m not much of a Strat guy, but with those woods, just WOW.
I´d love to get hold of a Black Korina body with such a beatyful graining.
And Ziricote neck/board is hot!

I've actually held and played that guitar, it sucks......actually am kidding, it feels as good as it looks, and in the hands a of a Pro ( a friend of mine) sounds as yummy as it looks. I waited over a year to meet that guitar, I mean TroubledTreble