You may be a Warmoth addict if.....

Your son sees the UPS truck and says dad thats where guitars come from.

You see the UPS guy so much, he mentions he can get you in down where he works, but you realize that would mean having to leave the house and the NET and no more hand recepted packages.

You buy your strings in bulk and in custom gauges from juststrings , and you know their employee turn over rate must be high, cause ya got 6 different cards from 6 different reps.

You love your new Warmoth so much, you have a custom, handmade guitar strap made by an artist in australia especially to match your new guitar and it cost as much as your neck!

and the NO. 1 reason you know your a Warmoth addict..............Your wife kicks you out when she realizes she spent 10 grand on your guitars and equipment last year!  :(     ....Doh!!!.........hehehehehehehhehe......... ( and you still need more!  so you move back in ).....   
Your dog no longer barks at the UPS lady, and now considers her a member of the family.

True story.
I'm an addict big time. All I do is think about wood combos and pickup combos, radius, string spacing, contours, neck profiles, hardware, etc.. about 90% of the time. You think that will cause brain cancer?
My name is Bill and I'm a Warmoholic.......... I grade my T shirts on their suitability for wiping on oil
i didn't go to my school dance tonight, i was to busy looking up wiring diagrams.

actuality, i think its sickening to pay to stand around in a gym all night, when you don't want to be there, you can't dance, you have no date, and your suit smells like dead guy and date rape.
the only fun part is guessing which jock will leave with a sexual harassment charge. and seeing the weird kid dance with his mom.
and spiking the punch with the janitors "cough medicine"
heh, you look at your gym floor at school and cry at all the amazing maple they wasted  :(
Phrygian said:
I think the Warmoth slogan should be "Bet ya can't build just one!"

Now that I realized that I'm an addict and I need meetings and I need to Build another one fix .

( I can't make the next meeting I'm geting a fix, maybe next week.)
When your wife goes into guitar center and says "I guess someone coooould buy one of these I suppose, but why would they they all look the same"

When you 9 year old can solder your new pups in

When your 4 year old likes to sit on Daddys lap and look at strat bodies with cool paint jobs in the showcase, "you should get that one dad" he says about 50 times because he cannot decide either.  :doh:

When you get frustrated that the showcase does not update frequently enough because u check it every 15 minutes.

When your wife says "did u get any pictures up for the guys on the forum? what'd they say?"
Personally, I never, ever, ever build a guitar that I don't actually NEED, just for the pretty wood and the smell of the lacquer and the roar of the amp.... tho it seems like, I just need more, and more and more.... :tard:
1. You buy a set of strings and use that as an excuse to build a guitar around it.
2. The UPS guy just opens up your work shop door and drops the package on your workbench. True story.
3. You go out deer hunting and all you do is look at trees wondering how many guitars could be made from them. Then you wonder if you could put strings on your rifle so you can play in your tree stand. You drop a trophy sized 10 point buck and wonder how many nuts you can make from the antlers.

You buy a set of strings and use that as an excuse to build a guitar around it.

This is scarily close to true - "well I already have the tuners and a nut and some knobs, so all I need is $600 worth of wood, pickups, bridges..."  :party07:

"I'd hate to see those tuners go to waste...."  :dontknow:
I'm guilty of planning 5 builds ahead. Yeah, it's like Warmoth is a disease and custom guitars are the only cure.  :laughing7:

You end up drilling out the wiring channels in a bound Tele body (because someone forgot  ???), put the drill bit straight out the back and think "Oh well, better get another one then"
...If you fly from Cleveland to Seattle just to see what the factory looks like!
Yes, I did this in 1994. It took me hours to find it. when I got there it was just as the employees were going home. Someone there took me on a tour of the factory. Very 'fing cool!!! I have been a Warmoth freak from that day. 
jackthehack said:
You call in an order and just give your first name and they know who you are....

Believe it or not, there are quite a few folks that fit this scenario!!

I know this is an older thread, but I just found myself doing something that would seriously qualify......

...If you buy a showcase body and neck, then for the next couple weeks while awaiting delivery of said body and neck, you feverishly keep checking the showcase to make sure something better has not popped up!  Thankfully nothing has....yet.  Oh please help me. 
I spent 3 weeks looking at the showcase trying to figure out what I wanted.  I haven't even received my first Warmoth package (it comes on wednesday) and I am still looking at the showcase.  I see what you guys mean.