WOOT!!! Order Placed!!


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Many thanks to everyone here who has given me insight and ideas - and thanks to Spike and Dan at Warmoth for your help as well!

Order delivery estimate: 4 to 5 weeks - just in time for Christmas!!

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Happy Panda!!!

Eric "GuitarEC"  (Soon to be Eric "WarmothGuitarEC"  :laughing7:)
Well, I ordered a VIP body from the Showcase - VIPP106 - PRS controls (all 3/8" dia.) with HxH pickup route and 1/2" Jack hole.

Ordered a 25 1/2" scale Bubinga Neck (Wolfgang contour) with Pau Ferro Fretboard (Rounded end with Mother of Pearl inlays) and Warmoth headstock.

I will be installing DiMarzio PAF Pro in the Bridge and DiMarzio PAF Joe in the Neck - each pick-up will have a 3 way toggle to switch between South coil - Humbucking - North Coil.
Pick-up selector will be a rotary switch (4 pole / 6 position):
  Position 1: Bridge Only
  Position 2: Bridge / Neck (Parallel)
  Position 3: Neck Only
  Position 4: Bridge / Neck (Serial)
  Position 5: Bridge / Neck (Parallel out of Phase)
  Position 6: Bridge / Neck (Serial out of Phase)

1 tone and 1 volume pot will round out the electronics - if my math is right, this arrangement will give me 42 different combinations of pickup config / selections.

Wilkinson Tremolo - GraphTec Graphite Nut - Planet Waves Auto trimming tuners - Schaler Strap Locks (All chrome) along with chrome pick-up mounting rings (care of StewMac).

I can't wait for this beast to be here and built!

Eric "Soon-to-be-WarmothGuitarEC" C.


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Dude, that wiring sounds impressive! Let us know how it sounds. I might have to borrow an idea or two from that wiring on my next Warmoth guitar (goin' for an Les Paul next).  And congrats on that VIP body. Your ax is lookin' good already.  :rock-on:
Okay - now the wait is starting to get to me...

Nothing too bad, but my parts from StewMac arrived today and I'm starting to feel the itch to put stuff together...

I suppose I could start to do some pre-wire work (I got a 4 pole / 6 position rotary switch that I could wire up)...

Oh well - good things to those who wait, right?

Eric "GuitarEC"
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...As I patiently await the arrival of the coveted Brown Truck...

Unboxing and blatant Wood porn post this evening.

Eric "GuitarEC" 
Yea except be careful ordering stuff around Christmas... carriers are usually overloaded at this time and stuff might break because they're rushing to get things delivered. I think Warmoth is slower during winter due to increased demand...

I wish I had money to continue doing this all the time but at this point all I can afford is one guitar a year...
What can I say?  I was so anxious after I unboxed and verified everything was there...  I turned right back around and dropped everything off with the guitar tech for assembly (hoping to get it back by end of this week).  Pix will follow, but they will be of my assembled beast.

Not too much longer...

Eric "GuitarEC"