Women Drivers


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God Bless 'em. We love em, but you know they can't drive worth a crap. Add celleular phones to the mix and its a complete disaster.Theres something in the chromosomes of the female that just deosnt lend itslef to driveing properly!;  Enjoy these Female "drivers";
Haha, I love the guy who loses patience and parks that lady's car for her.  I was in almost the exact same situation once... a girl I went to school with was attempting to parallel park a borrowed car.  After 5 or 10 minutes of puttering back and forth, bumping the car behind us every time, I finally lost patience, took the keys, and parked the damn thing in 30 seconds.

Edit: Oh, uh, I denounce and reject this very sexist thread.  :p
recently on the way back from visiting a co-worker in the hospital, I carpooled with some of my other co-workers. the one that was driving the car was tailgating the whole way back at 65 miles an hour while texting on her cell phone. I will never ride in her car again. :doh:

there's so much stuff to distract people from driving these days ...

Cell phones, texting, personal grooming devices, ipods, GPS, a million radio stations, climate control, moon roofs, mgp counters, power windows, internet for the computer, tv sets, places for putting coffee mugs ...

AFAIK I have never been in a car where the driver was texting.  I think I would probably bail at high speed if that happened.
hannaugh said:
And yet almost all of the horrible drivers I know are guys...

And yet on top of that, almost all if not all of the horrible drivers I know are women...    :icon_jokercolor:
one of the most entertaining things to do is to drive with Luke...
the yelling, the swearing, the hand gestures... its fantastic!
yeah most of the time...

on topic.. I just love the 'driving' stereotypes!!

my favorites are the older asian woman..;)
my wife got hit on the side of the car by one of those... in an almost impossible way... she basically made a u turn around my wife on a real quiet 30 mp/h road..
Luke said:
I remain in full control the whole time do I not?   :laughing7:

...right up until you crash.

The stereotype I've heard is not older Asian women, it's anyone who learned to drive in an Asian country.  And 9 times out of 10, I've seen it proven with my own eyes here in the OC where I live in between Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese communities.  It usually involves problems with right of way, a concept that apparently doesn't exist over there. 
well, my point was that the bad driver stereotypes are usually either, woman, old people or asian people.
so my wife got the 3 for 1!  :icon_biggrin:
hannaugh said:
Luke said:
I remain in full control the whole time do I not?   :laughing7:

...right up until you crash.

psh.. the only crash I had was because I blew a tire, and it shredddddded.. my car spun out of control.

I'm a fine driver!    Most of the time...  :evil4:
I think it's interesting that most people think they are a better than average driver...

... myself included!