Virtual Jeff PRO


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I was aiming for a Stetsbar. Now I may have to spend an additional $200 or so to get one of these instead. On the bright side, it's interchangeable so I could also slap it on my current guitar instead of replacing its whole trem system. Not to mention the extra effects/mimicry it can do.



My old plan used the American Standard Tremolo bridge route so I could use an S-Style Stetsbar, but still have options if something went wrong.

I think the new plan is the Narrow Strat Flat Mount route for its range of options, installing a Narrow Spaced Strat Flat-Mount Bridge to ditch the need for trembuckers, and then enjoying the tuning stability of a hardtail knowing I can hopefully pick up a Virtual Jeff PRO later. (Granted, I could maybe get a DigiTech Whammy for less money if I gave up some effects and used my feet more. I might pace too much for that though.)