Wlikinsons and tuning.


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I've been following some of the Wilkinson threads, and have a question for all Wilkinson users.

I have a Wilkinson, graphite nut, angled headstock, and Sperzel locking tuners.  I am finding that whenever I use the bar any more than for just subtle tremolo, the 3 wound strings go out of tune (I use custom lights, 9 to 46).  There doesn't seem to be any binding in the nut, and I don't get that "tink-tink" sound of a snagged string, either on use of the bar, or on re-tuning the strings.

Any ideas?  :icon_scratch:

BTW, my guitar (thankfully) does not suffer from "Wilkinson wobble" ... the bar is tighter than a fly's fanny.


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what a do is I keep doing some extreme dives and i keep retuning until they stay in tune

is is possible that the strings are binding at the nut, even if there are no visible or audible signs