Which combination of neck back profile and nut width is closest to a Nocaster U?


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I am about to put in an order for my first ever Warmoth build and can't be more excited.  :bananaguitar:

Now I know it's a question that's difficult to answer as the early Fender necks would vary between each and every instrument, and I also understand that I could almost certainly get closer to the holy grail by visiting Musikraft and building a blackguard neck with the correct taper etc. etc.


In terms of what's on the current, 2022 Warmoth menu, what combination is closest to the delicious, deep Nocaster U neck?

Fatback with a smaller 41mm nut width to compensate for the sheer size of the neck? Boatneck with 42mm nut width due to the smaller shoulders? Although is the boatneck's V a little too pronounced? Or something else?

As it's my first build, I have literally nothing to go on!  ???
Fatback and 1-5/8" (through to 1.65") would be the closest to vintage "U" or older '52 RI in profile and thickness. You want the larger shoulders if trying to get that '52 "U"/'53 Baseball Bat neck feel.
I have some limited experience with Warmoth neck profiles. I have played some U FenderTele's too.
I have a Fatback with a 1 11/16" nut and stainless 6100's, and a Fatback with regular 6100's and a 42mm nut (Both with straight 9.5" radius) I found them both playable and awesome for bending on. I eventually found I was getting fatigued with some chords or playing some things like "Message in a Bottle" as the necks were so darn fat. I have sanded them both to a semi-boatnecky shape, of .880 at the first fret and for ME it is way more comfy. You may really dig the full 1' though.
I would say the Fatback would be the closest to what you are after IMO. Your mileage may vary.