[SOLD] Ash neck, ebony fingerboard, SS frets, MOP inlays and side dots


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This neck is intended for a build of mine, but I have enough HH guitars and considering selling it instead.

Neck cost me $442.
This is what I'm listing at including shipping; as a major bonus you get heavily rolled fingerboard edges as a bonus (that stuff takes well over 3-4 hours to do).

Payment: cashier check, or Zelle only. Sorry, no more Paypal/Venmo as of January 1st 2022 (look up 1099-K if you wonder why, that may save you a nasty surprise neck yet as you file taxes ;-)

Referrals: two members bought a neck and body from me the past years:
- James (JPOL007) bought a quilt carved top Soloist body (another build I scraped) last year.
- And Vince bought a Vortex neck neck in April 2020, hope he's OK as he hasn't connected here for many months:

PM me if interested. Neck is available until the post's title says 'SOLD', or until I start the build (which will not happen until at least August/September).

This custom neck was built by Sound Guitar Works / Best Guitar Parts in the USA (basically the more experienced employees of USACG before the new owner decided to let them go as cost saving measure, that didn't work out well for USACG).

Specs as follows:
- Quartersawn/Rift sawn swamp ash neck
- Black Ebony fingerboard
- 1.688" nut width
- D shape: 0.850" at 1st, 0.940" at 12th
- 9.5" radius
- 6150 stainless steel frets
- MOP Face and side dots
- Modern (10mm) tuner holes
- Carbon Fiber rods reinforcements for added stability (was likely not needed).

Wondering how an ash neck+body combination sounds and how crazy you can make that look ? Check this one out:

Here are the pics of the neck:









That is a gorgeous neck! Fret size is not right for me. I think ash necks could become a "thing"
Hey, DrSeb, I sent you a PM about this neck.  If it's still available, I'm interested.
Bagman67 said:
Hey, DrSeb, I sent you a PM about this neck.  If it's still available, I'm interested.

Thx. I replied this week-end, hopefully you got the email.

Neck will be available as long as I don't start this build.
fdesalvo said:
If it were a flatter radius I’d be all over that hot momma!

It actually is flatter than what I first put in the description.
I changed the order to a straight 9.5" radius a day after placing the order, instead of compound 7.25"-9.5".