looking for a classic Fender neck profile

Hi guys!

I have this Telecaster that I love and I'm looking for the equivalent Warmoth neck profile (or as close as possible).

I can't find the exact specs but it says it's a "50's era classic C profile" and it's definitely a bit chunky.

I'm thinking that the 59 roundback profile might be close, and for the nut width I measured mine at 42mm (I think, if I measured properly).
But if the 59 roundback is chunkier than mine (which I suspect), maybe I should order a 41mm nut width to get a simiral feel?

I really don't know. What do you guys think?
I suggest measure your neck.  “Classic 50a era C” is not a measurement.  Fenders dimensions varied greatly during any decade/era. 
Best thing to do is buy or borrow a digital caliper and actually see what your current neck/nut measures.
Best book on this topic is duchossoir telecaster book.  You could probably get a used one for 5 dollars.  What are you waiting for?
Agree with the comment about getting some calipers so you can measure your own neck.    I want to mention that fret size can also affect the feel of the neck.

When it comes to nut width, I suggest to choose based on your preference, but not in relation to other specs.  If you are accustomed to a particular nut width, it may be difficult to change because it affects the way to mute the strings with your fretting hand.  When you get a set of calipers you can measure your guitars to help determine the nut size that suits your preference.  1 5/8th (1.625" in decimal) nut width can feel slightly cramped to people with average size finger pads.