What picks are y'all using?

Here's something else somebody might be interested in: Honey-Picks does custom orders. They'll make almost anything you want. There is a minimum of only three picks for a custom order, and if it is a variation of one of their models it's the regular price plus an additional dollar per pick. I've had several orders made - it's addictive. Here are some I had them make for my business, they're all acrylic except the white pearl one, which is Kirinite:
pinter custom picks sm.jpg
Nothing fancy here, I like these a lot. For me, they're neither too thin nor too thick, they have a comfortable grip, and I like the slightly pointed tip. I am intrigued by a thermoplastic that's impervious to wear, though. I got some titanium picks of similar shape and size to these Dunlops and I love that they show no wear, but their effect on the feel and sound isn't to my liking.

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I got some of these to try a few weeks ago and really like them!
Nowadays I use D’Addario’s triangle one’s that I ”customize” myself by putting two circular rubber(?)/silicon(?) ”grips” on them.

This gives me a better, thicker grip while simultanously having a thin pick.
I’ve gone from thin to thick (heavy) picks and now back to thin ones.

I am a pick whore, lol. I switch up between these:

Dunlop gator 2mm
Dunlop tortex jazz xl 1.3mm
Dunlop tortex jazz 1.15mm
Gravity picks in 2mm and 3mm sizes
Dunlop primetone 1.5 and 2mm
Clayton acetals in the jazz size.

Spring and summer was all about the Gravitys.

Now, I am big on the Claytons and the Dunlop jazzes. This is no doubt due to me basically playing only one guitar, which sounds best with these.
Oddly, I do not like bigger versions of these, even though they are the same thickness and materials. They feel different to me, and affect the way I play apparently.

Picks are quite cool. A cheap piece of plastic, with its material, thickness, and profile can drastically change your tone for better or worse.

If I don't like how a pickup or guitar sounds, I run through my picks to see what works best first.
Screenshot 2023-10-31 045145.png

I might occasionally use the lighter green ones and almost always the yellow ones on acoustic. Once someone suggested cross-scoring the area you hold with a razor they became better still
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I use a bunch.

Tortex 2mm
Jazz 3 tortex in 1.14mm
Jazzxl in tortex 1.34mm or something like that.
Small fat clear purple 3mm jazz pick

Clayton acetal jazz size 1.52mm

Gravity picks 3mm standard size, triple pointed triangle.

I am a thick pick guy, and vary between the above depending on guitar and sound I am looking for.

The smaller sized picks seem to work better for me these days
Teaser: these haven't gone into production yet, but I have one to try out. I love it - it may be my new favorite pick.
honey-picks new multiholes kirinite lava flow 3mm med.jpg
EDIT: The revised lineup is now official, and all on the Honey-Picks website. This is from the Kirinite page:
honey-picks new kirinite.jpg
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