what are the guitars you have let go of?


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contrary to the question of what guitars one possesses, which guitars have you discarded - for whatever reason.

my discards :

gibson hawk (reason for discard : 25.5 scale)
gibson blueshawk (rfd : 25.5 scale)
gibson lp special faded with p90s (rfd : no belly cut and slightly chunky neck; got a warmoth jazzmaster instead)
gibson lp studio lite (rfd : no belly cut - got a gibson lp jr special plus instead)
washburn hb35 (rfd : wanted better quality semi-hollow; will probably replace with tele thinline or/and a guild starfire)
epiphone elitist sg (rfd : too light and rounded neck)
fender stratosonic (i regret losing this as this was a great guitar; rfd : already had a strat and so wanted a different body shape - got the jazzmaster with p90s)
warmoth tele body (rfd : forearm contour is one reason; also if i can get the thinline it could fill my semi-hollow requirement)
Haven't really had that many, but so far I've gotten rid of:

Ibanez "pawn shop special" guitar - Not sure what model Ibanez it was, but it was my first guitar.  The neck was twisted, and two of the three pickups didn't work.
Epi SG - My second guitar.  It was pretty decent, action was high though.  Got rid of it when I purchased my Voodoo Explorer.  After that, Epis weren't the same.
B.C. Rich Acoustic Warlock - my 4th guitar after my explorer.  Nothing but problems.  What a piece of junk.  Nice conversation piece, but wasn't good for much else.
dmraco said:
An Alverez acoustic...thin body...do not miss it at all...sounded horrible.

A 1985 Gibson Custom Shop Explorer...black with gold stripes, and a gold hardware/kahler.... :sad1:miss it every day....
here is a link to the add.  it was the style 20 with a kahler....total 80s ROCK!

It seems a lot of Explorers were let go!
I've bought and sold about 20 guitars and or basses over the years, and the only 2 I miss are my Gibson Explorer, and my Warwick Streamer LX.  The Warwick was probably the best sounding bass I've ever owned (until I end up building my Warmoth 5 string jazz ....), but it was a 4 string, and didn't get played as much as my 5's.
Early 70's Raven LP Copy
Mid 70's Fender Jazz Bass
Mid 70's Yamaha Nylon string
Mid 70's Yamaha steel string
Late 70's Gibson LP Goldtop Deluxe
Early 90's Rickenbacker 330

The only one I regret was the Jazz Bass.  But then I remember how the neck used to shift all the time....

BTW - the Gibson LP Deluxe was such a piece of crap.  :doh:
Ibanez Destroyer II (miss this one)
Mid 80's Hamer V
Fender Lead II
Custom Black Strat (replica of Dave Murrays 1985 guitar)
Mid 80's Gibson Korina V
Epiphone Korina V
some kind of Roland guitar (hated that one)
Kramer Pacer Deluxe (miss this one too)
Yamaha Nylon Classical
My first electric (a Peavey Raptor) was modded into oblivion and eventually went to Particleboard Guitar Heaven.  Other than that I've kept all mine so far.
in no particular order

'68 Strat RI, miss it.
'84 Squier Strat, miss it.
Early '80s Aria Pro II Cardinal.  Miss it a lot.
Aria Pro II Stray Cat, my first electric.  Wish I had it just because.
My father's Airline electric.  My mom sold it right when I said I wanted to play electric.
Epiphone Les Paul Standard.  Traded it for my 1944 Epiphone FT 45, a fair trade since the LP once belonged to a friend who died.
Epiphone Casino.  Cool guitar, but it was turquoise.
Epiphone Dot. Traded it to my rhythm guitarist, so I still see it all the time.
'52 Tele RI, very cool, but I'm not a '52 RI kind of player.
Washburn PRS copy with a floyd rose.  Shoulda kept it.
Washburn Les Paul copy.  Shoulda kept it.
Electra Les Paul Copy with built in effects with cartridges.  Shoulda kept it.
Kramer flying V
Electra Goldtop Les Paul copy.  Shoulda kept it.
Ibanez Roadster from the late '70s.  Shoulda kept it.
Harmony Flying V, fun, shoulda kept it.
Applause strat copy. 
Black Squier Strat.
Another Black Squier Strat.
'63 Gibson Les Paul Jr.  Stolen.  Didnt have it long.
- Gibson SG (to friend)
- couple cheapo Strats (for $$$)
- '89 lefty black beauty Les Paul Custom (for $$$)

Only one I miss is the SG; gonna do a new one (Warmoth, of course).

I don't miss the Paul at all - it was a Norlin era, heavier than a bag o' bricks, hi output stock pickups, deadwood construction, toneless travesty.
Haven't owned many yet, but -

- Epiphone Les Paul Std: a fine guitar as I remember but I had to sell it to pay the rent when I was in a bad place in life.
- Epiphone Les Paul Custom: terrible, twisted neck. Awful intonation and a pain to play. Glad to be rid of it.
69 Fender Tele - stolen
late 70s Fender Strat - stolen
early 70s Gibson 335 - stolen
70's Guild 12 string - stolen
70's Martin D18 - stolen
90's Ibanez (700 series?) - sold
80's Epi 12 string - sold

and to round out the other items stolen
Marshall JTM 45 (not a reissue)
Fender BF Deluxe Reverb
Mesa MkIII
most of the effects at the time
and PA related stuff

only item I had after that theft was my 79 Gibson LP Std, which was my 1st good guitar

TBurst Std said:
69 Fender Tele - stolen
late 70s Fender Strat - stolen
early 70s Gibson 335 - stolen
70's Guild 12 string - stolen
70's Martin D18 - stolen
90's Ibanez (700 series?) - sold
80's Epi 12 string - sold

and to round out the other items stolen
Marshall JTM 45 (not a reissue)
Fender BF Deluxe Reverb
Mesa MkIII
most of the effects at the time
and PA related stuff

only item I had after that theft was my 79 Gibson LP Std, which was my 1st good guitar

k-rap!  where do you live?!?  :eek:

Remind me never to come and visit... 
Well they were not stolen from where I live. I was living in Orlando FL (as I do now), but I was playing in Palatka FL at Mocassin Creek back in 84 (which burnt down some number of years later).
Some generic Spanish guitar - first guitar, never liked it that much I always wanted to play an electric, glad to be rid of it as it came with a lot of unhappy memories of my first teacher who was a real jerk, I was quite happy when I heard he'd gone out of business.
Westfield LP clone - This was my first electric guitar, it played really nicely but sadly it wasn't well built and after a couple of years of light use started to fall apart, I don't know how but I did manage to sell it.
Ibanez GSA60 - This was the guitar that replaced the westfield, sold it to pay for my Epiphone G400
Burns Marquee - I really regret selling this, they've gone up in value quite considerably since I sold mine but at the time it wasn't right for my playing style, this was also sold to pay for the Epiphone.

1.1972 Strat I traded in for a Gibson L6S. Stupid!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!!!!! Stupid!!!!!!!!!
2. Gibson L6S traded for a Saxophone that I later sold. No regrets on this one at all.
3. Ibanez Destroyer the lawsuit copy of the Gibson Explorer.  I wish I still had the guitar but I used it as a trade in for my main acoustic guitar in 1978, which I have never regretted.
4. 1978 Gibson ES347 I sold a couple of years back to one of my sons friends.  Nice guitar that I did not use that much so I don’t miss it.
5.  Sears Silvertone single pickup with amp in the case. Very cool guitar that everyone wanted and I never used so I sold it to someone that needed a good guitar.  
6. Cheap Crown 12 String Guitar that I had in High School.  I regret getting rid of that for sentimental reasons.
7. Yamaha SG traded for a beautiful 1930 Belgian made piano.  Huge Score!!!!!!!
8. Early Fender Duosonic, my only regret on that is I did not rob the pots out of it before I got rid of it but who knew old pots would become so valuable.
8. 1959 Gibson Les Paul. Just Kidding!    :laughing7:

i have owned 5 guitars so far

1) Ibanez GSR100 (cheap, and my first bass)
2) Fender P-Bass it was beautiful, but i needed money for my warmoth. no regrets.
3) Ibanez RG2EX1 cheap and crap.

my two guitars that I own are in my sig.
Stu Hamm Urge bass (stolen)
Gibson custom shop goldtop (one of the first to have "tone cavities," also stolen)
Guild X-500 (stolen)
'70 fretless P-bass (stolen, AIDS to whoever took this)
Blonde '55 Tele (sold for a cubic asston)
Gibson '61 reissue SG (given to my brother, who TRADED IT FOR A CLARINET years later... fkn woodwind major)
Guild B-50 acoustic bass (traded for my J-45)
PRS whatever, 2 humbuckers and stupid bird inlays (traded a mixer for it, hated it beyond words, traded it for a bunch of mics)
Countless parts-o-casters that I've traded or sold on the cheap for Vegas money

Ibanez GAX70 - first guitar, crap
Ibanez SA160QM - loved the finish, hated the vintage style tremolo
Gibson SG Special - piece of crap, but i loved it
Peavey Wolfgang Standard - prettiest guitar i've ever owned
Ibanez RGR521 - weird finish, loved the super distortion it came with though...
Ibanez RGA121 - great guitar, hated the bridge
PRS SE Soapbar II - where i learned i cannot have a p90 in the bridge position  :icon_biggrin:  too much hum

i think that's it... i'm entirely too picky for my own good, so i'm always looking for the next best thing  :-\  but it keeps me open to new ideas and designs i guess. right now i'm thinking about a new warmoth strat, so i guess we will see
Fender american 60th ann strat
Epi les paul stan
Epi riviera
Ibanez rg550
Ibanez (cheapo??)
Danelectro U2
Parker PM20pro

I think that is it.

I miss the Riviera a lot. great guitar.