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Another year of Guitar of the Month competitions has passed. Thanks as always to everyone who has subjected their amazing instruments to the scrutiny of the forum! Thanks also to everyone who voted.

The guitars below are all deserving winners but it's now time to decide which should be crowned UNOFFICIAL WARMOTH GUITAR OF THE YEAR 2019!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post replies that show additional photos of the entrant's guitars but links to other UnofficialWarmoth threads or external sites are fine.

You have 7 days to decide on your favorite and cast your vote. Best of luck to all!

February  - ghotiphry

Pau Ferro Jazz Bass

Showcase Pau Ferro on Roasted Alder jazz bass body, finished by Warmoth in clear gloss with vintage white back
Showcase qs maple/qs maple with black block inlays and SS6100 frets, finished by Warmoth in clear satin nitro
Nordstrand NJ4 vintage single coil pickups
Babicz bridge
Fender F-stamp half open tuners
Parchment pickguard by Warmoth
Knobs by John Page Guitars
Custom aluminum peace neck plate
Classic passive jazz bass wiring with Emerson Pro pots
DR Legend flatwounds



March - vetteman


Warmoth Alder partially routed body blank cut to custom shape.
Upper bout is LP shape, lower bout is dinner plate shaped-hence the name.
Owner applied Duplicolor GM Light Pewter Metallic with Minwax semi-gloss Nitro lacquer topcoat.
Joe Barden compensated bridge with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for tele pickup.

Warmoth Padouk Gibson scale neck, unfinished.
SS frets and owner installed bone nut,

'59 roundback contour.
Grover locking Rotomatic tuners.
Owner made pickguard and truss rod cover.



April - fdesalvo

-Showcase Candy Apple Red body
-Birdseye Maple/Rosewood neck finished in Tru-Oil
-Ilitch Noise Cancelling Backplate. 
-Gotoh Locking Vintage Tuners
-Gotoh 510 Trem
-Graphtech Nut
-1-5/8" Graphtech nut
-22 SS6100s
-Rocketfire Total 60's Pickups



May - Goose_Goblin

-3A Flamed Maple Neck
-Pearloid Block Inlays w/ White Binding
-6150 Stainless Steel Frets
-White Corian Nut (38mm)
-Standard 34" inch length - 21 Frets
-14mm Tuning Holes
-Standard 4 Bolt
-Warmoth Finished - High Gloss Finish

-4 lbs 10 oz Alder Body (solid, one-piece)
-Routing for standard jazz bass pickups, top rout, 9V battery rout
-Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour
- Owner Finished  - Amazon Green Metallic (Dupli-Color) w/ High Gloss Clear Coat

Hardware :
-Gotoh 201B Bridge
-Gotoh GB7 Bass Tuners
-Hipshot Gotoh Bass XTender GB7
-Guitar Fuel KB-1, KB-2 (Concentric) Volume/Tone Control Knob
-Dunlop Straplocks
-String Retainer and Pickup Cover

-Fender Gen 4 Noiseless Jazz Bass Single-Coil Pickups
-Guitar Fuel SBK-2D Pre-Amp Wiring Harness (Balance, Volume, Treble/Bass)



June - Rgand

RSA/TR Jazzmaster

BODY - Warmoth Jazzmaster,
Wood: Roasted Swamp Ash
Finish: Transparent Red
Pickup Rout: H-H-H
Bridge: Fender American Standard Hardtail
Weight: 4 lbs 2 oz
Strap Locks: Schaller
Strat Jack Plate: Proline, Flipped
Pickguard: Warmoth Black Gloss

BRIDGE - Callaham Am. Std. Hardtail w/Bigsby Relief Cuts and SS Bigsby Compensated Saddles

BIGSBY B5 - String-through Modified Main String Shaft, 360˚ Modified Arm Bracket, Callaham Front Roller

NECK - Warmoth Gibson Scale Conversion
Wood: Roasted Maple/Roasted Maple, unfinished
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Nut: Black Graphtech, Standard
Back Contour: Standard Thin
Frets: SS6150
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Tuners: Hipshot Staggered, Locking, Closed Gear

WIRING - 1 Volume, 1 treble bleed, 1 bass bleed
Vol & Treble Pots: CTS 500K Linear Taper
Bass Pot: Bourns 500K Linear Taper Mini
Pickups: Seymour Duncan P-Rails
Pickup Mode Switches: 2 ON-ON Slide
Knobs: Witch Hat
Pickup Selector Switch: LP-style Toggle



July - Dano

Rosewood by Brazil

Rosewood Stratocaster Body
-Rosewood with Maple center laminate body purchased from an individual in Brazil.
-Rough Finish and Routing by seller of Body.  Final fit work and sanding from 320 grit down to 0000 synthetic steel wool by owner.
-Finished by owner with multiple coats of hand rubbed Tru-Oil.
-Sanded with 220 sandpaper all the way down to 0000 steel wool between coats.
-Gold Strat Pickguard

-Fender Strat Tremolo

-Contoured comfort reliefs

Style: Stratocaster®
Construction: Modern Construction
Orientation: Right Handed
Neck Wood: Pau Ferro
Fingerboard Wood: Pau Ferro
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Back Shape: Standard thin
Fret Size: GD6150 (Gold Color)
Tuner Ream: Gotoh/Grover (13/32" 11/32")

Tuners: Grover 18:1 Inline Locking Tuners
Radius: 10-16" Compound
Scale: 25-1/2"
Fret #: 22
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut
Inlays: Cream Face Dots
Side Dots: White Side Dots

Electronics, etc.
- Fender Texas Special Pickup Set – Gold
- 500k CTS Volume and Tone Potentiometers
- Russian PIO (Paper in Oil) 0.022uF Tone Capacitor
- Oak Grigsby 5-Way Blade –
- Switchcraft Output Jack
- Gold Pickguard



August - aguyinaustintx


Warmoth Semi-hollow Carved Top Telecaster®
Flame Koa Lam Top on Mahogany Body with Faux Tortoise Binding
Warmoth Special Order - No Control Cavity Cover (Closed Back)
Pot and switch hole area thinned internally
Wilkins Guitars Custom Machine Screw Neck Assembly (No Neck Plate)
Graphtech® ResoMax® Wraparound NW2 Bridge with String Saver Saddles
Schaller S Locks

Warmoth Modern Tiltback Construction Neck, 25 1/2 Scale
Pau Ferro Fretboard on Roasted Maple, Flame Koa Headstock Veneer
Vortex Headstock, Wolfgang Neck Profile, 12" Radius, SS6105 Frets
Abalone Face Dots Inlay, White Side Dots
Grover Vintage 135 Series 3+3 Tuners

Kinman P-90 Hx Nasty Noiseless Neck and Bridge Pickups Pau Ferro Wood Pickup Covers, Knobs, Switch Tip, TRC
Bourns 500K Series 95 Pots, 0.15mf Tone Capacitor
Fender® American Tele® Style Treble Bleed: 680pF, 150K parallel, 10K series
Switchcraft® 3-Way Switch, Braided Shielded Cloth Wire
Electrosocket Jackplate, Pure Tone™ Output Jack

Body and headstock finished by Wilkins Guitars
Pickup covers, knobs, switch tip finished by Michael Bhalla
Fret dress and setup by Ben Nippes of South Austin Music



September - Rgand


Construction – Warmoth Modern
Wood – Roasted maple/roasted maple, unfinished
Scale – 25-1/2”
Nut – Black GraphTech TUSQ
Nut width – 1-11/16”
Frets – SS6150 frets
Profile – Standard Thin
Mounting - Steel threaded inserts with Stainless Steel machine screws
Tuners – Hipshot Staggered Grip-Lock, Black buttons
Headstock Shape – Original
Neck plate – Custom by Doug Shepard

Wood – Figured Mahogany, from Bagman67
Shape – Original
Weight – 4lbs 9 oz
Finish – Wudtone Cherry Flamenco w/StewMac blue dye added & Minwax Gloss Wipe-On Poly
Bridge – Trem King TKS-2
Strap Locks – Schaller S-Locks
Pickguard – 1 Ply Gloss black

Pickups – Bill Lawrence (Wilde) Bridge: L290TL, Neck: L500C
Controls – 1 Vol, 1 Tone w/.033 cap
Pots – B500K
Knobs – Chrome Witch Hat with O-rings
Pickup Selector – 3-way Toggle

ABS molded Strat/Tele style case – 'Roadhouse' was designed to fit this size case



October - Chronus310

Warmoth Flat Top Velocity Body
Alder with Quilt maple top
Satin Turquoise dye with natural mask binding and black back and sides
Warmoth Roasted flame maple warhead neck. Standard thin with compound radius fretboard. Stainless Steel Frets.

Fender Yosemite Pickups
Hipshot contour Bridge
Hipshot Open Locking Tuners



November - vetteman

Corellecaster 2.0

Warmoth Canary wood strat neck- 59 roundback profile
6150 stainless steel frets
Hand made aluminum nut
Pure Tung oil and wax finish

Slightly larger body copy of the original Corellecaster from a Warmoth Mahogany blank
Pure Tung oil base with Tru-Oil top-coated matte finish

Fender American series hardtail bridge w/flatwound strings
Seymour Duncan JB 'Nighthawk' bridge pickup
Stew-Mac P90 neck pickup with blend pot
CTS pots, Orange drop capacitor

Bakelite pickguard and back cover



December - Hendrix

Killer top Koa Stratocaster

Custom finish deep amber color Vintage Tint
Warmoth High Grade Birdseye Maple Stratocaster replacement guitar neck with Abalone Face Dots , 1 3/4 Width , 59 Neck Profile .

Warmoth High Grade Flame Koa Top on Koa body Stratocaster ( Rear Rout SSH , No screw hole in 5 way switch )

Special order EMG shape Bareknuckle Strat pickups, Apache neck, Slow Hand Mid, Lace Sensor Dually Purple-Emerald Humbucker bridge .

DIY Custom Copper finish pickup cover and Knobs .

Gotoh Machine Heads, Gotoh Wilkinson Tremolo



Wow ... how do you pick?  I guess my criteria will be pick the top 6 eyecandy, then look at playability features.  But really, can I pick more than  one?
Rick said:
Wow ... how do you pick?  I guess my criteria will be pick the top 6 eyecandy, then look at playability features.  But really, can I pick more than  one?

Simple - Gut feeling. Or Love at first sight.

All of them are beautiful, but the one I choose gives me instant gas.
And the winner of the Unofficial Warmoth Guitar of the Year Contest 2019 is...


Many congratulations to him and big thanks to all our monthly winners, entrants and voters over the year!
Congratulations, Texas! An absolutely beautiful guitar, and a well-deserved win!
Congratulations to a guyinaustintexas. 

I think it was quite something to win this year as the overall entries were very good throughout the year.
Congratulations aguyinaustintx! That's a fine guitar. Well done. :icon_thumright:
An especially fine piece Sir. My congrats. If you ever need to have someone take care of it for you, my Sister lives in San Angelo and would be happy to ship it to me and I assure you I would treat it like a museum piece. Just sayin', in case, you know.... :cool01: