what are tha chances....


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A crane falls in NYC.

Terrible loss of life.  Folks critically injured too.  Just a bad scene. 

Then, the irony.

The crane falls over, and it hits several buildings, completely destroying one.

On the first floor of that building is a saloon - called ...

The Fu Bar.

Which is now FUBAR.

What are the chances?  Only in NYC folks...

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Emergency workers were searching for at least one person who might be trapped in a building damaged when a crane collapsed in Manhattan on Saturday, killing four construction workers, and injuring 17, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Workers stand on an elevator at the construction site where a crane collapsed Saturday, March 15.
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Three of the injured were in critical condition, authorities said. Five firefighters had minor injuries.

Ten neighborhood residents were among those hurt, three of them critically, when a portion of the crane detached and "completely destroyed" a four-story townhouse, New York's mayor said at a news conference.

Dismantling the crane, which remains balanced on a building, will be a risky undertaking, Lt. Gov. David Paterson said just two days before he replaces Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who announced his resignation last week.

"While we would never want these types of tragedies in New York City, this is actually the best-prepared place for it to happen," Paterson said at the briefing.

The crane also caused extensive damage to an 18-story residential high-rise across the street from the construction site. Other nearby buildings have been evacuated, officials said. Video Watch scene of destruction, witness accounts »

John PlaGreco, who owns Fu Bar in the crushed building, told The Associated Press that he feared one of his employees was buried in the rubble.

"Our bar is done," he said. "The crane crashed the whole building. If I wasn't watching a Yankees game, I would've come to work early and gotten killed."

A piece of steel fell and sheared off one of the ties holding the crane in place, causing it to detach and topple, Stephen Kaplan, an owner of Reliance Construction Group told AP.

"It was an absolute freak accident," Kaplan said. "All the piece of steel had to do was fall slightly left or right and nothing would have happened."

Kaplan added that the company had subcontracted the work.

City officials told AP they had issued 13 violations to the site in the past 27 months, a normal amount for a project of that size. Inspectors examined the crane Friday and found nothing wrong with it, according to AP.

State officials inspected the crane Friday and found no violations.

On March 4 a caller told city officials that the upper part of the crane appeared to lack the proper number of ties to the building, AP reported cited City Building Department records. On March 6 a city inspector at the site determined there was no violation, AP reported

The accident occurred at 50st and 51nd streets near Second Avenue on Manhattan's east side.

Witnesses reported a strong smell of gas to the AP.

ha FU BAR that's great. now it is FUBAR. wait did i just laugh at the deaths of several people because of the coincidental name of a bar? was that wrong of me?
Well ya gotta love it.


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