HELP: Am I being impatient or am I right in feeling let down?

I have placed several custom orders for bodies (both finished and unfinished) and necks (both finished and unfinished).  In every case I was told 8 to 10 weeks for delivery and in most cases that is exactly what it was.  I did receive one neck about 2 weeks early.

On my first order I was a bit impatient and called about the status and The sales rep (Spike) explained that they really couldn't tell me exactly where it was in the process, without physically going down to the floor which is something they don't do.

My best advice is to be patient and you won't be disappointed when your order arrives.

I guess I've been fortunate. I ordered my neck and body on March 17th and 22nd, respectively and they were in my hands just over 30 days later, all the way to the other side of the world. Well, the neck was in Cagey's hands quickly, will be in my hand soon. I had the body finished, but no fancy paint or anything.  :dontknow:
Man, I'd say just relax an' let it happen. Every experience I've had with Warmoth has been a good one, including a phone call from John to suggest a different bridge than the one I had ordered--and he was correct. They've also answered my emails quickly, succinctly, and in a personal way (Spike). We always want this cool stuff to arrive
more quickly than is possible; if you can get relaxed about it, then the arrival comes as a welcome surprise...Buddha said (I wasn't actually there to hear him say it, but...well, you know)
"Desire is the source of all human suffering." Often rings true, don't it? BTW, I'd be a whole lot
more concerned about UPS's dependability than Warmoth's if I were you....
OK...OK...OK......all is right with the world now. The sad news is I will keep my baby for about a day to pet and stroke it, then back into the shipping boxes and off to Kuro Uma for some badass paint and flamage!