wanting to build as accurate as poss 51 fender tele butterscotch blonde blk guard what do i need


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im wanting as close as possiable to build a fender 1951 tele and have it finished butterscotch blonde with black pick guard using all relic parts what from warmoth parts do i need to get to be as real as possiable, thanks in advance.....
why the Fendrer master build relics is cost so much $$$$ , The most difficult part is relics finish
It a work of art + craft not easy to proficiency . like try to counterfeit antique.

approximately around 65% Replica I think

relic body from MJT only around 50~70% qualified in my eyes
I would start with a LOT more research and a firm budget. You should make a full bill of materials and start researching where to buy what (the fewer suppliers, the less loss to shipping costs).

If going with Warmoth, they offer their Vintage Tele body, which is as accurate as any other repro. But the closest neck they offer would be the one-piece maple vintage-spec neck in Fatback profile and either a 1-5/8" or 1.650" nut width. The Fatback which is a thick U-shaped neck, 1" uniform down the whole length (a little fatter than the real deal). You can select the fretboard radius and fret-wire to taste - originals had a 7.25"radius (which I love) and tiny vintage-narrow frets (which I do not). That's about where Warmoth involvement ends and you move on to aftermarket finishers and part suppliers for the relic look.
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Perhaps I'm misremembering but weren't those original black pickguards made of Bakelite?

Yep and think they were lacquered as well. But since bakelite phenolic is still avialable in sheet form, blackguards are much easier to source than the nitrate pickguards Fender used in from '59 to '64 (which developed that distinctive mint color).
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Warmoth doesn’t cater to the vintage reproduction market, they have always tried to improve in Fender’s designs. You can get a “vintage Tele” body, Vintage construction neck and the matte black pickguard along with the Gotoh bridge and tuners, but there are other sources for more vintage accurate parts. Also, you’ll need to paint or source the finish as Butterscotch Blonde and Mary Kay White are off the menu now.