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I thought you guys would like to have first look at these...colored inlays. We have a very limited amount of this material. These neck will be coming to the Showcase soon.


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jackthehack said:
Any chance of getting a binding to match? That would look bad ass....
There's a Rosewood/Rosewood LP Neck with that gold binding and gold trap inlay being sanded right now coming to the Showcase, and yes, that bad boy is unreal.
Whoa man, whoa. That's a little too much for me to handle..

Not a fan of the red, but that dark green-grey looks badass.
Personally - I've wondered why Warmoth does not make its own hardwood inlays.

Ebony inlaid into kingwood, kingwood inlaid into ebony... that sort of thing.
Just dots would look cool. I could imagine my build with gold hardware having gold dots, but I don't know  about that size. It's nice to see Warmoth pushing the boundries.
I am building a warmoth strat for a friend, he bought a black body, and is putting a peal red pickguard on it. I think it would look awesome with red fret markers as well. and he just ordered custom neck 2 days ago, wonder if its too late to get the red fret markers in a reverse fender style neck
Using the green ones and a nice brownish ebony board.. or maybe ziricote... Throw in a nice L5s body (for shape) with a greenburst quilt maple top. You could make a warmoth turtle guitar.
They're in the store!

There is no chance to this become a all-time option in Warmoth?
They're pretty cool!