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Congratulations, B3guy! A beautifully done instrument and a well-deserved win!
Oh man, what a close one! I have to say, the forumites have been stepping up their build game lately. Even that runner up group last month was full of great axes. I’m truly tickled that everyone likes my build so much. I put a lot into it, and the Warmoth parts enabled me to spend extra time and effort making it look cool. Definitely didn’t scratch the itch yet as I’m already scheming to make more, but I need more shop tools first... and we all know what it’s like trying to justify buying shiny toys  :laughing7:

To all the folks at W, keep doin what you’re doin! You’re an awesome resource for all types of builders.  :turtle:

All You forum peeps keep building awesome guitars. I can almost relieve my GAS by observing all the epic build threads. Almost  :eek:ccasion14: