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Another year of Guitar of the Month competitions has passed. Thanks as always to everyone who has subjected their amazing instruments to the scrutiny of the forum! Thanks also to everyone who voted.

The guitars below are all deserving winners but it's now time to decide which should be crowned UNOFFICIAL WARMOTH GUITAR OF THE YEAR 2017!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post replies that show additional photos of the entrant's guitars but links to other UnofficialWarmoth threads or external sites are fine.

You have 7 days to decide on your favorite and cast your vote. Best of luck to all!

March - Jamie John


Body - Double neck S style
Warmoth Vintage White Finish
Pearloid pickguard
5 way Oak grigsby super switch
Floyd Rose and Gotoh 12 string bridges
1 volume, 1 tone, for each neck
500k ohm pots for the 6 string, with a 470 k ohm resistor on the YJM
mini neck selector switch
p/ups on 6 string = Seymour Duncan Custom Custom, Cool rails, and YJM
p/ups on 12 string = Seymour Duncan STK S6, and (2), 5/2 stack for strat.

6 string - CBS stratocaster Modern
Warmoth clear gloss
Stainless Steel frets
Gotoh tuners

12 String - '65 12 string (1/16" wider than 6 string neck)
Bone nut
Warmoth clear gloss
Stainless Steel frets
Gotoh HAPM tuners (Height adjustable Posts)



April - B3Guy

Warmoth Pro 24 3/4" Conversion Telecaster Neck
Maple, Ebony fretboard, Medium Jumbo stainless steel frets
'59 Roundback, Vintage style Gotoh tuners
Owner-finished in Re-Ranch Nitrocellulose and "Neck Amber" with a "Gorilla Vanilla" headstock face.
Original donor guitar's "Custom Kraft" logo included.


Warmoth Mahogany Body Blank
Angled Neck Pocket
Drilled for Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Owner shaped and finished in Re-Ranch Nitrocellulose "Gorilla Vanilla" and "Smoke Green"


Vintage 1960's Custom Kraft Gold Foil pickups, roller bridge, Bigsby with B-Blender.
Custom pickguards by Spitfire Vintage, with translucent materials research by B3Guy.
Built-in LED lighting in pickguards, knobs and switch, with internal rechargable LiPo battery.



May - Dirty Dave

Warmoth 54 Style P-Bass body with black satin finish
Warmoth Telecaster style neck with satin black finish and white pearl inlays
White Pearl pickguard
Black hardware includes Badass II bridge and Schaller tuning machines.
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickup.



June (joint winner #1) - Great Ape

Basswood Strat body, wood burned & hand painted; Wenge neck, '59 Roundback, ivoroid bound ebony fingerboard, 6150 frets, sealed Gotoh tuners; Seymour Duncan 'vintage p-90' & 'antiquity' hmbkr...vintage-style trem.



June (joint winner #2) - davegardner0

Body - Alder Warmoth G4
Neck - Maple Warmoth SSB 30" Scale
Finish - French Polished Shellac over Aniline Dye Purple Burst
Headstock - Custom Designed Decals
Electronics - Bartolini Classic Bass Pickups with NTMB+ Preamp
Bridge - Gotoh 201 High Mass
Tuners - Hipshot Ultralight
Nut - White TUSQ XL
Strings - D'Addario Half Rounds



July - Fat Pete

Wilkinson Scimitar6

Warmoth Roasted maple/Ziricote (unique choice) 21 fret (no overhang) Pro Arrow Head (custom build)
Azurite malachite dots
6150 frets
Hipshot Grip Lock enclosed locking tuners with 'Universal Mounting Plates'
Graph Tech nut
Wilkinson Scimitar6 '21st Century Schizoid, Man' name plate*

Warmoth alder Musiclander 3lbs 0oz (showcase - unfinished)
Routed by Warmoth for P90/Strat/P90 with front rout conversion and scratchplate screw threaded insert install by owner
Finished in ocean turquoise metallic nitro (greener than photos show) by (Paul Neild)
Wilkinson WVP6 tremolo bridge - hard-decked, springs damped, arm thrown away
Schaller strap lock buttons
Custom rear control and tremolo spring covers*

2x Swappable loaded scratchplates* with 'automatic' ground connection

Scratchplate 1:
Catswhisker Pickups custom tapped P90s with flush pole pieces and owner-customized covers
Generosity, fragility and veracity controls (2x volume, 1x tone)
Grunt and squeal pull switches bring in the full pickup windings
Warm/plaintive/misanthropic 3-way switch (neck/both/bridge)

Scratchplate 2:
The Creamery Sonic 6 pickups (alnico 5 versions)
Satisfaction and serendipity controls (1x volume, 1x tone)
Doctor pull switch switches on the middle pickup
Mild/wistful/vituperative 3-way switch (neck/both/bridge)

Metal hardware is chrome

*All plastic parts cut and printed by Tim at to owner's designs



August - 2zee

The "Perfect Mirror"

Neck :
- modified Fender maple/rosewood
- 25 1/2" scale, standard thin profile, 7.25 radius, vintage construction
- TUSQ XL Nut 1 5/8"
- 6105 frets(nickle)
- Gotoh vintage Kluson type tuners
- perfect mirror decal
- clear gloss nitrocellulose lacquer

Body :
- Warmoth alder 2P 3lbs,11oz
- Callaham Vintage S Model Bridge Assembly for lefty
- tremolo springs allocated with Raw Vintage and Callaham
- chrome plated brass 2mm neck plate
- stainless steel neck attachment screws
- Schaller straplocks

Color :
- hand painted on fiesta red
(all paint specially mixed in reference to remaining fragment of the original guitar)

Electronics :
- Lindy Fralin Woodstock69set pickups
- OAK 5Way switch
- 1 x vol, 2 x tone (front & mid, rear)
- CTS250K lefty vintage potentiometers
- Montreux Retrovibe Caps "F66"
- Switchcraft jack
- american cloth wire
- Kester44 solder



September - Ghotiphry

Warmoth showcase alder on alder '54 P body, finished in gloss alpine white with black binding
Warmoth showcase J bass neck with recut headstock, quartersawn maple, finished in satin nitro, black binding and blocks
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickup
BadAss II bridge
Custom titanium knobs by Artistry in Titanium
Fender Deluxe F Stamp tuning machines



October - Swarfrat

Warmoth BK chambered strat
Warmoth Roast Maple Baritone Fatback with GD6150 frets, ebony fingerboard
Wilkinson VS100 tremolo
GFS Memphis humbuckers
Roland GK2 hex pickup / Graphtech HEXPANDER



November - Ronios

Ronios RV1

The Neck -
Style: Warmoth
Construction: Gibson® Scale (24-3/4") Conversion Tiltback
Orientation: Right Handed
Neck Wood: Roasted Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Indian Rosewood
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Back Shape: Standard thin
Fret Size: 6150
Tuner Ream: Schaller (25/64" 11/32")
Radius: Straight 12"
Scale: 24-3/4" Conversion
Fret #: 22
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ XL - Standard Nut
Inlays: Mother Of Pearl Dots
Side Dots: White Side Dots
Schaller M6 machine heads

The Body
Custom shape carved out of a Warmoth solid mahogany body blank.
Professionally finished in Copper Pearl
Seymour Duncan Jazz @ neck.
Seymour Duncan '59 Custom/Hybrid at bridge.
Schaller Signum bridge.
CTS 500K volume
CTS 500K push/pull tone (coil tap)
Switchcraft gold 3-way toggle.
Switchcraft output jack.
Custom shape/custom cut pick guard.
Q-Parts Gold/MofPearl control knobs.



December - BigSteve22

Blackbird Telecaster

Warmoth Telecaster,
    Dark Ebony on Maple
    24.75" Conversion Scale
    SS6230 Frets, MOP Dots
Hipshot Open Back Locking Tuners
ZeroGlide Nut,
Rothco & Frost Headstock Decal
Owner Finished, Clear Satin Lacquer
    w/ Black Lacquer Headstock

Warmoth Standard Telecaster
    Solid Swamp Ash, (4 lbs, 0 oz.)
    Satin Black Finish, Full Body Contours
Babicz "Z" Series Tele Bridge
    Custom Engraving by DangerousR6
Rock Rabbit Control Plate
    Custom Engraving by DangerousR6
DangerousR6 Custom Neck Plate

Bill Lawrence, L-202TN, Neck P/U
    Noise Free, Black Case
Bill Lawrence, L-298TL, Bridge P/U
    Noise Free, Open Coil

4-Way P/U Selector Options,
"Gibson" Style Tone Circuit



A lot of very nice guitars, but my choice was surprisingly easy.  :headbang:
My vote's in. Good luck to all. These are all exquisite guitars and basses and everyone deserves to win.
Mayfly said:
A lot of very nice guitars, but my choice was surprisingly easy.  :headbang:

Lemme guess - there was only one Tele?
OK, then. I'd say they're all winners, but they actually are all winners.  :icon_biggrin:

My vote's in.
Ronios said:
Wish all of these were hanging on my wall!!
Exactly! I'd be mighty damned proud to own any one of them, (in addition to the one I already own that is....) My vote's in, good luck to all, I salute you!  :headbang:
I'm so honored that my little bass is in the company of these awesome guitars! What a great selection of instruments!

Good luck to everybody!!!!  :rock-on:  :guitarplayer2:  :headbanging:
davegardner0 said:
I'm so honored that my little bass is in the company of these awesome guitars! What a great selection of instruments!

Good luck to everybody!!!!  :rock-on:  :guitarplayer2:  :headbanging:

That's exactly the way that I feel, Dave.  Nailed it.  Good luck, everyone, from me as well.
ghotiphry said:
davegardner0 said:
I'm so honored that my little bass is in the company of these awesome guitars! What a great selection of instruments!

Good luck to everybody!!!!  :rock-on:  :guitarplayer2:  :headbanging:

That's exactly the way that I feel, Dave.  Nailed it.  Good luck, everyone, from me as well.

I'll pile in too. Nice company to be in. Good luck all.
The contest has less than 24 hours left to run! So if you're still sitting on that fence, dithering, cogitating, or just chewing it over, quit now and get your vote in!
And the title of Guitar of the Year 2017 goes to...


Many congratulations to B3Guy and thanks to all for an amazing year of stunning winners!
A well-earned congratulations, B3Guy! It almost fits your forum name: GUY - Guitar Uv the Year.  :icon_thumright:

What a lineup. Hats off to all the GOM winners for 2017.
Congrats B3Guy!  Thanks to those that voted for the RV1 !! Much appreciated!  And again .. was a great line up.  Id be proud to own each one!