updated rig pics


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now i have a mesa dual rechead and cab with a peavey classic in strereo/mono

guitar to xotic bb booster to raidal switcher split into the face of both amps running an old gsp21 in effects loop on the peavey and a guyatone delay in the mesa
i know this is way to much stuff but the combos of tone i can get switching between the two heads /effects and running bolth is amazing



alfang heres a shot of my warmoth black and white vh its an oldey but a great guitar
I love it. I don't understand the part where you said I know this is too much stuff looks like to me the more the merrier so I say keep on adding more.  :party07:
I see your wife has the cat toys scattered amongst your gear there, LOL

Hey Toys I got an opinion question for you, and of course anyone else.  I have a couple unfinnished warmoth bodies and necks, and was trying to think of how to paint them up, I was thinking of doing like eddies first black and white guitar,(which I , like you have one) but instead of black pickguard and black stripes, use red.

Red Stripes red pickguard etc... and follow the same stripe patern  I already have a nice red pickguard from WD, they have an incredible selection of pickguards.
And I might even consider cutting the pickguard like on his franky   

I just don't want it to look too much like a japanese flag, not that theres anything wrong with that

ive got a couple sugestions iv seen a red with white stripe one that looked pretty good but check these two out i really dig these let me know what you think

Those look good, I like em.  Not as big a fan of flames as some people, but those looks good.

Whered you find those pics?
Nevermind, I know where you got em, I just remembered.    I have one of his guitars, and 2 of his pickups    he makes the best Eddie VanHalen sounding pickup out there. I am about ready to reverse engineer one of them.  I bought his Unchained model before I discovered warmoth.  He doesn't sell pickups individually yet, but it's almost worth buying his guitar to get the pickup.

Send him an e-mail and ask about his TB-77 pickup
yes i agree on his pups ive got one and they are really nice ive tried about a dozen different pups that claim to have a sound simular to the vh sound and none come close to his
they have an openness that i cant explain but still have good gain i love it.
sweet amp. ive got a shitty 120 watt laney which i bought off a mate for $400. HA! what can i say, im a cheapass