Updated rig.


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Updated Pedalboard:
2 Line 6 G30 Relay wireless units
Digitech The Drop
Digitech FreqOut
Voodoo Labs Mondo Power Supply. Without the Helix, could have gotten a less beefy sized brick, but this has the courtesy outlet for the Helix as well as the higher current needed for the power draw of the Digitech pedals.

Loop 1 Return = Wireless A “Blue”
Loop 2 Return = Wireless B “ Green”
Loop 3 Send/Return = “Open”
Loop 4 Send/Return = “Drop/Freq”

All first in the chain after the guitar input except for loop 3, no block set for that at this time.

If I need to switch to cable quickly, I just turn off the selected wireless and the Guitar Input takes precedence.

The Drop/Freq are right after the wireless units, and this loop is an OAT loop. I use the Drop to free up a block in the Helix and therefore free up DSP. The FreqOut has the switch set to momentary so that I can manually manage sustain/feedback at will.

All mounted to a Temple Audio Trio 28 pedalboard and I must say, it’s rock solid. The soft bag is fine for now as I don’t gig out that often currently.

I decided to go the extra mile on this one as this will likely be my last major gear haul for several years. So, the cable organization is full tilt network rack style, but completely snag free and easy to protect.
I went for the IEC power adapter module, and I have a couple of more modules coming so that no ongoing connecting and disconnecting will take place on the board itself, it a week or so the connections on the side will be from right side front to back as follows:
IEC AC adapter/switch
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