Two New Projects

I got so bored waiting for the first one that I ordered so I ordered a second with parts that were in stock. Now I have two guitars to build and an empty bank account.

The First is a Switchback/Flying V crossed with strat neck and strat controls. Awesome finish they put on it is a Honey Burst on a Mahogany body and Cream Binding - Neck is roasted maple and ebony, cream binding and SS frets - pricey but looks incredible.

Second is a Tele style body also strat controls - Alder body and a Zebrawood top. Routed for two p90s and a middle Stat single - we’ll see how it sounds - I just have a nice single coil that I need to use somehow. I finished it with Danish oil and it turned pretty dark - I like it mostly but may try to polish it for a slightly brighter appearance.

Now onto the nightmare that is wiring and set-up…

Pics are attached


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Those are both beautiful bodies.  Nice work on the Danish oil finish on that tele.  I like the darkened zebra top.

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