Tuners to improve tuning stability on a fixed-bridge Gibson scale length guitar?


Hi folks,

I've been setting up a 24 3/4 scale+tunomatic guitar that's been hanging around in my 'maybe for sale' list for a while but which is now my 'ok I can't afford a Gibson' go-to.

The setup is 'almost there' - just one more 16th of a turn on the truss rod or bass side of the bridge..

But I'm very conscious that the current tuners are very bog standard and I want to improve the tuning stability, especially following string bends etc

I will, of course, be considering a graphite nut or at least using graphite to lube the existing slots.

In the meantime, these are my options from what I have in my 'spare hardware cupboard':

A set of Grover 14:1 ratio tuners, or..

A set of no-name locking tuners, with a less than 14:1 ratio.

So, which set of tuners do you think might give me the best result?

I currently have time to try both, but wanted to see if anyone had any strong tips or info in the meantime. My last resort is buying some locking tuners with a decent ratio.
If you want to use the ones you have, use the ones with the highest ratio. The nut also needs to be dialled in well for the correct angles regardless of whether you have locking tuners or not.