Tubes / Valves shortage ahead?

I have not tried them yet, as no one had them in stock the last time I looked.  Interesting idea though.  Makes me want to give them another go in a distortion pedal.
I realize nothing on that site is newer than 2016, so maybe they killed the product?  Anyway, I'll leave it to you, Trevor, to see if there's any "there" there.
My wife loves Noritake, it's like the limoge of japan.  Seems like, besides china, they make the screens for Korg.  Who knew?
You know that’s so funny in a way.
I was working with another guitarist and he wanted to replicate ‘his’ tone on my Fractal. We spent an afternoon on it and drinking beers.  At the end, he’s says , it’s not there’. I then plugged his amp into my conditioner and voila, it was the same. 

He was missing the hiss of analog.