TOM/STP for a Strat Body?


Warmoth doesn't offer the plain TOM/STP (Tune-O-Matic) as an option for Strat bodies and didn't suggest any other option or alternative when I asked about it.

I wanted to install a Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo and don't have access to a shop to drill precision holes, so I am open to helpful suggestions.
Um, what? u can get a tom rout on a Strat, plenty of peeps here have done it. you must've missed it in the creation page.

I'm not trying to call u stupid, plz believe me. ive been on the receiving end of that.

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So, if there are people who have bought Stratocaster bodies with Gibson style Tune-O-Matic bridges, that is no longer an option according to [MOD EDIT - person's name deleted], who then went on later to criticize me as being emotional when I complained that his response was less than helpful, that they offered no suggestion of other possible options or even a competitor who might carry what I need. Business principles that defined America for generations until now when they try to make self-service into a virtue.
Last try, the only option that appears like what I need is TOM/STP (Angled Pocket) $10
The question is whether that is compatible with the Floyd Rose FRX Surface-Mount Tremolo?
How is such a simple question end up being a problem?
Recessed TOM bridge? no angled pocket required.

Stop Tailpiece? Angled pocket required.

If you're ordering a showcase body which does not have an angled pocket, or already has an "any trem" cavity in the back, you can't put a TOM on it.
As was clearly stated, the only option for a Stratocaster Replacement Body is the TOM/STP (Angled Pocket) $10
This is the Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System

Will it fit a Strat with the Angled Pocket? There is no clear explanation of what an angled pocket means and whether that will prevent the mounting of the FRX.


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As you are now aware the only option for TOM/STP is with an angled pocket on a Strat body from Warmoth. (TOM/STP without it would not have the correct geometry)

The angled pocket for the neck is to provide an angle so that the strings do not end up too high off the board to accommodate the height of a TOM that is not recessed for it to sit lower in the body. Note a Les Paul has a neck angle also for this reason. In other words for a TOM to work on a Strat you either need it recessed or for a TOM/STP the neck pocket has to be angled.

The angled pocket is to enable the TOM/STP and the rest of the guitar to work. It would not prevent someone from mounting a Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System and without the angled pocket it might not set up in any case.

You can see what the angled pocket looks like here.

Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System set up video.

Bear in mind it is unlikely anyone else will have tried to do what you are attempting as there are many tremolos available for Strats and the FRX is designed for retrofitting Les Pauls and SGs (with angled necks) but if you are set on doing so you now have as much information as you need to make an informed and hopefully logical decision and any risk is yours alone.

Finally: Can I ask that you remove the email content from your earlier post as it is not good practice and in parts of the world violates privacy laws.

First of all, thank you. Sad that I couldn't get that simple answer from Warmoth.
I asked a reasonable question that in no way logically implies that I am ignorant of how Les Pauls or Stratocasters are designed and built.

I am 64 and have been playing professionally for over 45 years during which I learned out of necessity how to set up, repair, modify, and build guitars. The attached image is of Arnold's, the oldest continuously operating bar in Ohio. At the time it was owned by Jim Tarbell the founder of The Ludlow Garage. That is the late, great James "Pigmeat" Jarrett on piano and me with my 1970 Les Paul Custom behind him.


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