Ticket to Funkytown: Envelope Filters


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After having listened to the Rubber Band's albums way, way too many times I realize I need a good envelope filter at long last.  I want one primarily for bass, so working well with bass is mandatory, but functioning nicely with guitar is also desired.  I'm not looking for what some of the extremely complicated boutique ones do...insane, outer space effects with LFOs and other acronyms that remind me of a Minimoog, I'm just after, well, the classic envelope filter sound you hear on Stretchin' Out (the song in my head that has a good subtle effect is "Vanish in our Sleep", but also the slow filter on the second half of "Psychoticbumpschool").

Any suggestions?  Is the Q-tron the de facto modern heir to the MuTron?  Any other good ones to look out for?  Can't break much over $200.


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I don't own a bass anymore, so I don't really play too often.

But I just plugged my wife's in and messed around, and I was able to get some pretty cool sounds out of it. It seemed about 80-90% as usable as it is for guitar.