The Eclectic XII.


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I just placed the order today: A chambered Strat body with Koa over Mahogany, and a Canary '65 12-string neck. I was really unsure about what to do with the neck. I'd been thinking really hard about Padouk as well, but it ages into a cooler burgundy color. So I decided to go with the warmer, lighter-colored Canary. Aaron's 12-string demo sounded pretty good, so I decided on the Seymour Duncan Everything Axe pickup set, which is the JB Jr bridge, Duckbucker middle, and Little 59 neck.

The top of the image shows my artist's mspaint impression of the body and fretboard, with gold hardware and white pickups. The bottom representation is what the Warmoth builder showed me, generic Koa top, chambered with an F-hole, pearloid biding on body and neck, and pearloid split diamonds on the fretboard. I'm going to take a shot at using staggered locking tuners and no string retainer, else I'm likely to get a floyd style retainer bar.


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Here's a bunch of links to threads and such that I found while reasearch this build. Figured it might be useful as an Electric XII FAQ of sorts.


12 string TOM bridges:

Gotoh 12 bridge and drones above/below:

Tuners, and mayfly's idea of using different color buttons for the drone strings on the tuners.

Talk about pickup pole piece spacing and the Gotoh bridge:

Misc Fender Electric 12 talk, including control plates:

Do you need a string retainer? Fat Pete and bgalizio both reported not needing them on their builds, mayfly did need one.
3D printed version available:
A Floyd-style bar could also work:

String retainer location:

amigarobbo's build thread:

bagman's build thread. Paddle-head tiltback rather than a flat Fender-style neck.

oldfrets' VIP build:

A-A-Ron's double-neck build thread:
And the videos, parts 1-4:
Slight return:
There hasn't been too much to update since I'm still waiting, just over 14 weeks so far. I'm getting excited that I might have the body and neck in another month or so. I do have two sets of Hipshot tuners, and right now I'm debating whether I might want to swap the gold buttons for pearloid. I feel like I won't know until I have everything in hand.


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I think the shape of the pearl white buttons looks better, perhaps they will be lighter also in weight. Hopefully, 12 open grip lock Hipshot won't add too much weight to the 12 string neck.
Oh yeah, the plastic buttons are definitely lighter. There's a trick that one our members (Mayfly?) uses which used different buttons for the two courses. I think if you swapped out one course to have pearloid small butterbean, and the other to have chrome or gold small butterbean, you'd be much happier at string change time, plus, as stratman says, the weight would be cut down. Best place to get them is sporthightech, and check out the hipshot website for the exact dimensions and weight.
Right now I'm not too worried about neck dive, though I could be proven wrong when I actually get it in hand. Strat bodies do balance pretty well, though this is also a chambered body. I threw the tuners on the scale, and one set weighs 7.8 ounces. Unfortunately, it looks like nobody publishes weights for tuner sets, so I really don't know if these are heavier or lighter than average. With the Hipshot mounting plate, I don't have to drill the back of the neck, so I can test them out without making extra holes in case I'm unhappy.

Hipshot sells buttons in a bunch of different shapes and materials. Website link:

I agree with you on the shape, I like the Hex shape more. They call it the "Hipshot" shape, so I guess it's their signature shape. I'll probably go with mayfly's idea of different buttons for the drone strings. One set would definitely be Hex. For the other, I could stick with the Hipshot shape, or use Butterbean.
Rick, it's funny that you mention sporthightech, I stole that green-background photo above from one of their listings on Reverb. Yeah, I've got bookmarks to their listings for the Butterbean and Hex shapes in both gold and pearl.

I don't remember if I actually found photos of mayfly's setup, I probably should hunt that down.
Just to make it look right, I'd make it all small butter bean, but one set gold, and the other pearloid. Chrome, in lieu of gold, given the proximity to the pearloid, would look good too.

I think the hex shapes for metal and plastic are a little different. The measurements are all on the hipshot website.

An easy search of tuner, or 12 string, and mayfly will show it.

You can always try one way, and see if you like it. I do like the hex shape, very cool, just not sure about mixing shapes and sizes, and I'm pretty sure the butterbeans are the same size.
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Those open gears Hipshot locking tuners are heavier than other tuners that I have (which is why I mentioned it). Sporthitech is where I have got Hipshots and replacement buttons from, they are usually well stocked and competitive in price compared to direct ordering from what I experienced.
I have a set of Gotoh locking tuners handy, and those weigh in at 7.8 ounces, exactly the same as the Hipshots.
I also have an old set of basic no-frills tuners originally from my 90s MIM Strat, which come in at 4.4 ounces.

So if I do have an issue with weight at the headstock, it's possible to find tuners that weigh half as much.

Gotoh has some vintage-style locking tuners that don't use the thumbwheel locking, which I presume would be lighter than 7.8 ounces:


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What has two thumbs and shipping confirmation? This guy! Looks like it's on the slow mule from Poo-yallop to the east coast, gonna take a week to get here.
Mmmh ... that's about 20 weeks ... do you live, like me, in terms of shipping, in the most remote place in the CONUS from Puyallup?
The actual lead time may be closer to 18 weeks. I was out of town the last two weeks and had asked Warmoth to hold off on shipping until I got back. I live in the Baltimore / Washington area, so all the way across the country, but not quite the most remote destination.