Tele Thinline Special


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Parts arrived today!!!!


Looking to create that vintage LP/SG special vibe in a Tele Thinline form factor; doing a cherry burst with some leftover Mohawk toner CB sent; have to get it all grain filled with black grain filler....
That black filler is what gave Vic's tele neck CB's working on that amazing look, right? I hope so, because that will / would look orgasmic on that set you've got there.

I didn't know rio grande made P90s.. I'll want to hear how they sound.
There you go, P90's!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really intrested in the final outcome and sound of this guitar.  What is the fretboard wood and scale length?

These are overwound about 33% over vintage P90s; had to order the FatBastard for the bridge position as it was already routed for Tele bridge so needed humbucker form factor; neck is a Bluesbar; my first set of these; will let you know how they sound....nay

Body is all mahogany, neck is mahogany with an ebony fretboard, but it's real chocolaty ebony rather than jet black, std. 25.5" scale length...
Hmmm, if ya dont like the fat bastard, the P94 is a real screamer.  Also... you could always drop a BB#2 or #3 in there.

Jack, you want a Q filter for that puppie....
Hmm. never used this black grain filler before; probably more sanding in my immediate future than I anticipated.....

Giddy as a school girl, that guy is.  Looking forward to seeing this one progress.
jackthehack said:
Hmm. never used this black grain filler before; probably more sanding in my immediate future than I anticipated.....


I guess a near solid black wasn't anticipated.
Remember to fill it again, then again one last time!

Cant say I have any problems with the way that is configured <ggg>
It's sanding back perfectly; all the fine grain is filled black; rest of wood is slightly darkened; will need to repeat this process at least another time prior to shooting the cherry burst...

May I humbly suggest....

That after you do the grain fill.... at least once (preferably two more times), that you shoot one or two coats of clear on it, let it dry really well... (the hard part now....) for like a week, then sand it back.  Then you can go tone over that, same effect , but way way more sealed and less leveling to do.
Shoot it with clear what, sanding sealer? Was going to do that before the toner coats after I finished the grain filler.
That works.  One shot of sanding sealer, or two of clear nitro....I think the idea there is to let it really really setup, sink in, shrink into the pores, then sand it back, so you dont have to level the clearcoats over the tones.  YaknowwhatImeanjellybean?

Oh.... I'm thinking of my own ash body that'll be here b'fore long.  Gonna be a real fill-fest I'm sure.  Double bound too...

Investment hint:  Buy Advil futures.  I'm gonna be eatin'm like M&M's.

Jack - thats really nice man...  I wanna see pictures of every step!
Should get to sanding sealer by tonight; don't know about waiting a week, have a trick to cut that short...h
Not really; gives you a bit of room to run the braided wire back to the hole to the control cavity; covered by Gotoh humbucker bridge anyway...
Now that you mention it, I see that there is not ground wire hole like the hard tail Strat setups have.  It makes sense now.
Well, FINALLY got the last round of black grain filler sanded back and have shot first coat of sanding sealer; has that great patented CB look with the filled grain:



Another couple of sanding sealer coats; then off to the secret process so I can level back in a couple of days and start blowing cherry burst!