Tele Thinline Special

If you're using those colors, and those materials, the secret is as follows:

Mask the front and back, doesn't have to be perfect.  You can leave 1/4 inch or so of the front and back exposed.
Shoot the sides with the darker color - DEEP red mahogany.
Get it good and dark.

Remove the masking.
Shoot the lighter color on the top and back, that is the DARK red mahogany - yes DARK is lighter than DEEP.

Go back and reshoot the edges to "burst" in the DEEP red mahogany at the perifery.  Build it as you like.

If you fubar - you needn't sand much at all.  Just wash the wood with laquer thinner or acetone from the center to the edges.  You'll end up with pink wood, but you're gonna color it anyway... no big deal.

When you get the edges bursted ok, let it dry a day and then begin the clearcoats.

This is a more dicey part here... you MAY see a thickness line where you masked it... very faint.  Let the finish cure a good long while.  The line should sand out REALLY easy with 600 grit. 

Level the whole finish with 600 grit after about three weeks of curing.

Buff it out.

If the line, or grain reappear after buffing... you didn't let it cure long enuf.  Personally, if some grain reappears, I leave it.  Looks nice and funky that way, esp since my buff outs are not perfect (all done by hand, not buffer).

And thats it.

I shot the lighter color first and then the darker edges/burstover freehand just to be different. Several times. Sanding back in between....
Now I wouldn't mind being seen out in public with her. I'm not a big fan of pickguards but that tele looks great with that one. Great job Jack.  :icon_smile:
Well, I was doing a build of Showcase parts as the last involved a long wait on a custom order; was already routed to require pickguard....
Thank you for posting a clip! :hello2: We need way more of those.  I love looking at the guitars, but I want to hear them too!
nathan a said:
Oh man, that beat.. are you serious?

Ginger Baker is back in rehab so I was limited to the beat pre-programmed into the patch I was using on the Triton Le to play the backing track
jackthehack said:
Ginger Baker is back in rehab so I was limited to the beat pre-programmed into the patch I was using on the Triton Le to play the backing track

The whole time I was just thinking, 'the guitar sounds awesome but should I be boogie-ing?'. I wasn't expecting something so hip from you jack
I love that!

How is the balance?  The feel? and how long did it take to get the parts?

I want a tele body and a strat neck

What kind of music do you play?
I tend to play harder style music in drop D.  I love Helmet and Opeth but also Joe Bonamassa. I already have a Les Paul but want a Tele in my arsenal.  I ask because it you play harder music you could tell me how it fits in the mix

That beat on the sound clip was delicious.

Anyways, we now both have eerily similar guitars.  Check out my 2 p-90 strat headstocked thinline.  Weird huh?