Tele Thinline Special


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Latest in the "Fenson" series, the concept here was to recreate a early 60's LP/SG Special in a Tele Thinline form factor. This is the first Thinline I ever owned, or really even played to any extent, SOLD on the Thinline, love the hollow body tone with Rio Grande P-90s, may never pull my 335 back off it's stand....

Body: Lightweight all mahogany Thinline body, finish is "Dark Cherry Burst" inspired by CB's SG refinish job and the cans of leftover toner he sent me, homage to the older Gibson cherry finishes. Gotoh Humbucker bridge, all chrome and black hardware, Warmoth pickguard custom cut for the neck P90.

Neck: Warmoth Pro std. thin 10/16 Strat neck, mahogany with chocolate streaked ebony fretboard, Gibson style 6130 jumbo frets - try these on your next Fender type neck, combo ROCKS - PlanetWaves locking auto trim tuners

Electronics: Rio Grande BluesBar P90 in the neck, Rio Grande Fat Bastard P90 in bridge; std. Tele 3-way switch; 500K CTS vol pot, 250K CTS tone pot with .022 cap; wiring dupes vintage Gibson LP/SG Special with shared Vol/Tone pots.

Will try and get sound clip posted later today/night; this puppy absolutely kicks ass!



That looks hot!  I was following your thread where you were finishing it.  I'm not a fan of bursts really, but that is great. Super awesome.  :icon_thumright:
Absolutely killer. Any thoughts on how one might get near that color using stain instead of sprays?
Ah.... you bursted the neck... good to see!~

Man that is a sharp lookin' Tele.  Bet it cranks too.
I've played with the entire palette of MinWax oil stains and most of what Woodburst offers; don't think you can get that exact color unless you went through a lengthy process of using some kind of tints/dyes in some clear/natural stain base; have tried doing "bursting" effects without any good results with stain as well. Easier just to order Deep Red Mahogany and Dark Red Mahogany colors of Mohawk Ultra Toner and spray...
or better yet, on the thunderbird plans i just found. that would look bad ass with a black burst, and a raw wood neck.
Awsome man. Now why does that guitar remind me of ac/dc  :icon_scratch:
You ever hear a guy play guitar that just makes you want to give up?  This here Tele makes me want to give up. 
Wellllll,  what I mean is that this Tele is so exactly what I had been thinking of, and Jack here has nailed it so beatifully, that I just feel like I'd be setting myself up for failure.   :binkybaby:  I'm sorta kidding though...sorta.
Of course you're are aren't you? ??? You can't fail 'cos it's not a competition. Build that geetar 'louie! The world needs more P90s. :headbang:
Go back and look through the posts on this axe in "Just Out of the Box"; it was my first burst finish and one of the reasons it sounds so good is the 1/4" top was probably sanded back better than 1/16" starting over so many times... You can do it, just be prepared to screw up a few times and start over before you get it completely right, good thing these things are made of wood......
one of the reasons it sounds so good is the 1/4" top was probably sanded back better than 1/16" starting over so many times...
:laughing11:  :laughing11:  :laughing11:

Yes there be a fair amount of jest in what I was saying.  I am, however taking a good bit more time planning this thing out, as my first build ended up as a hodge-podge of the many, many things I thought about while pulling it together.  For this one I want a very clear picture of the end result before starting, and then I'm going to try to stick to the plan as much as possible.