Tele bridges


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Okay, I just pulled the string on my new tele.  Got a sunburst solidbody alder with standard routes.  Anyway, which bridge should I get?  Pros/cons?  I am mostly concerned with whether or not the "lip" on the side of the ash-tray style affects palm muting, picking, etc? 

Also, which style tuners and which fretwire are on vintage teles?  Difference in sound?? 


I prefer the heavier Gotoh std./HB bridges to the "vintage" style. If you're doing a "vintage" Tele, I never noticed any issues with the std. vintage bridge for muting/etc. Vintage would call for Kluson tuners and 6230 fretwire; no effect on sound.
If you're going with the traditional tele bridge, I strongly recommend getting compensated saddles, or adapt it to a 6-single string saddles config.

Depending on your style of playing, if you primarily play rhythm, and don't do leads much, vintage fretwire will be ok. If you intend to do leads/bends/higher position chords, etc....I'd recommend getting at least medium-jumbo frets and maybe a flatter radius fretboard.
Another vote for the Gotoh heavy 6 saddle bridge, solid, in tune, no rattles, nice sustain, that's what a bridge is supposed to do.