Suggestion about shipping notifications.


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Here is a suggestion.  The good folks at Warmoth could do this pretty easily.  Why don't you guys put on the forum here the order numbers you are working on for the week and their estimated shipping date?  You could update it one day a week or something like that.  I just think we as customers patiently waiting for the UPS guy to show up would appreciate knowing that our stuff is in the shop or in the shipping room or something along those lines.  Just a suggestion
It really does not work like that.  The shops are working on hundreds of bodies and necks. Assigning personnel to check the status of every item in every order would be a time consuming task.  Interrupting the shops to check on status would only serve to slow their work, with the end result being hundreds of orders taking longer to complete.  That doesn't sound like a postive move.

Even after items come out from the shop, they still must complete final QC review and paperwork processing.  Depending on volume, that final process can also take a day or two.  Remember, any shipping estimate is still an estimate.  Better to take a little longer to do our best.
Wyliee said:
The shops are working on hundreds of bodies and necks.

Why did that image of Santa and row upon row of elves slaving away in his sweatshop suddenly pop up in my mind ?