Stings, Wound Third


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So I was in town today and I wanted some 10-52 electric strings, but with a wound third. The guy said they didn't have them, so I just got some D'addario XL 10-52, and I also got a pack of Rotosound Bronze 10-52  for my acoustic, but then thought I could use the wound 3rd acoustic sting on my electric..

I was wondering if my electric would cope with an acoustic 3rd string, seeing as it is only .004 thicker than the D'addario 3rd. 
The 3rd will sound different. I wouldn't do it. I bought some high E strings separate, for when one breaks. They're one guage larger, but I can definitely hear a difference. I bet there would be a bigger difference with bronze strings. And, bronze is less magnetic than steel.
Usually you won't use a wound G unless your other strings are thicker - Daddario sells a lot of sets with wound Gs, the high E usually starts around .012 though. The acoustic string is likely to be too thick, it might bind in your nut, and definitely won't match the sound of your other strings because it's magnetic properties are very different. Check this site for strings:
Not a problem.  You'll want to look at jazz light guage.  they're all steel.  D'Adario makes them.  I use these strings on my acoustic and electrics.
For the acoustic: XLS590
For the electric:EXLS510 and swap out the G for a XSG024.  It works for me anyway.  Other people may have different opinions.
Of course, if I get other strings for free in the right guage, that's what I use.  If you use a lot of strings it doesn't pay to be fussy.
I used to use D'Addario Jazz Light, which are 12s (with a wound 3rd of course).  I have switched back to D'Addario Regular Light wound 3rds, which are 10s with a wound 3rd.

Yes, there is a sound difference between wound and unwound strings, plus a feel difference obviously.  I started playing acoustic and couldn't/didn't want to get used to the plain 3rd when I switched to electric, so I use wound 3rds.

The main drawback is that the windings are so fine, the string tends to wear down to the core over the frets pretty quickly.  Also if you switch you'll have to re-intonate that string.