Still Got The Blues - GARY MOORE | Outro Solo | Warmoth H-S-H built |


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This song has probably been covered 1 million times - for good reasons ;)
Since I've been very influenced by Gary Moore's playing style over the years, the outro solo on "Still Got The Blues" is probably THE outro solo of my life.

The following recording was taken in the rehearsal room a while ago. It is a "One Take-Solo". The first half of the solo is played quite close to the Original. The second half is more improvised in the style of Gary Moore.

I played it on my 10 years all time favourite Warmoth H-S-H built with Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups. The body is mahogany.

With love and passion for music - Wolbai
Wow, that was amazing! That guitar looks amazing, and it is probably very versatile! The solo is one of my all-time favorite solos, too. The Doug Aldrich pickups might be slightly too hot to make this sound exactly as on the record, but that is really nit-picking. Bravo!
For me, this guitar was a kind of "Swiss army knife" during my time when I was still playing live.
Since I was the only guitarist in a Classic Rock Cover band, I always had to adapt very quickly to different guitar sounds and playing styles.
This Warmoth guitar was a kind of mix between a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster. I still really enjoy playing it today because it has a extremely stable tuning (the Floyd Rose is blocked), is very easy to play (stainless steel frets) and simply sounds amazing!

The Suhr Doug Aldrich are "hot" pickups only in terms of specs. In my opinion, however, they sound super balanced and the sound can be easily controlled using the volume pot on the guitar with a Crunchsound amp setting.