One Day - Gary Moore


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One Day - Gary Moore: Does anyone know the song?

Even though I'm a big Moore fan, I have to admit that I only recently discovered it by accident.
And there are no Live-recordings on YT to be found.

In terms of chord material, it is a bit similar to "Still Got The Blues". I liked the song right away. Personally, I find it a bit more varied in terms of the guitar parts. In addition to the various smaller solo parts, there are also great fill-ins in the original, which are very tastefully woven into the vocal breaks.

Curiously, there is no outro solo on the original 1994 album, although it could be heard and seen on a rare YT video during studio recordings. In my cover version I also recorded an outro solo in the style of Gary Moore.

With the singing and the various guitar passages, I tried to bring all of my musical passion and emotions into this interpretation. All the instruments and the vocals were recorded by myself.

For the guitar recordings, the Marshall JVM410 amp in crunch channel orange mode (little gain) was selected, with some pre amp OD pedals (tube screamer + micro amp). Similar to GM, I varied the sound with the "old school" way of playing.

I hope you listen and enjoy my interpretation of this awesome rock ballad to the last note :)
Please leave a comment what you think about it!
nice guitarin there, got carlos vibe, guitar looks xtra sharp against the blackground

Thank you @teleme01 !

It's a Sire Larry Carlton L7 Goldtop. This guitar has gorgeous finish and the neck and fretboard.
And the neck and fretboard feels very comfortable when playing.