While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Vocal Cover version (Warmoth H-S-H)


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Hi all,

A few months ago, I have already posted an instrumental version of this epic song.

And the list of prominent musicians and Bands who have covered it in the past is long and impressive as well (Toto, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, etc.)

I have now got time to record a Vocal cover together with my duo partner. I think he is singing it very nice.

We have focused more on the Toto-Version and I recorded all the Rhythm & Lead guitar parts again.

My Warmoth H-S-H build IS of course the "Gently Weeping Guitar"  :icon_thumright:

Steve Lukather is the master of wide rock vibrato. It takes a lot of hours practice time to get closer to his vibrato/bending style. That seems a lifetime challenge for me ...

But I think, I had some inspiring moments when I recorded the outro solo. And I have thrown in some of my own flavor as well.

What do you think ?

Have fun while listening / watching ...


EDIT: Forgotten to mention in the inital post:

I recently changed my guitar pick from a Dunlop Small Stubby 3.0 mm to Chicken Picks Shredder, 3.5 mm.
The initial reason was, because I was a bit annoyed about the chirpy tone of the Small Stubby especially with high gain sounds in  high fret positions.

The chicken picks shredder has also some level of chirping, but not so much as the Small Stubby.
Apart of that, this picks feels great in my hand, it enables very accurate picking at higher speed. And I feel very good connected to the strings so to speak.

It tend to play the pick more loosely which prevents potential tension in my picking hand. They are also okay-ish for some type of rhythm playing.

The size is bigger than the Small Stubby, but it was still easy to quickly adapt to. Pinch harmonics are a bit more challenging due to the bigger size of the chicken pics shredder 3.5. May be you can see the white pick in the video.

Yeah! Sounds good. The singing was smooth. Your guitar work was tops. All-in-all outstanding.
Hi vetteman + Rgand !

Thank you for your Feedbacks - I appreciate a lot  :icon_thumright:

Yes, the vocals are shining in the recording. I think my duo partner has sung it pretty good.

But there are also a bit of recording experience behind it which adds a bit of quality as well  :icon_biggrin:

And one little "trick" I like to share with those who are doing vocal (home) recordings too:

In such tunes I tend to use a vocal plugin from izotope called "Vocal Doubler".

It is an amazing free of charge (!!!) tool that can fatten your vocals and give them more color if needed.
Pretty self explaning. In case of interest you can download it from the izotope website.


Well done, indeed!

I am always leery when I see a post like this because I feel like I'm just gonna get the same thing, over and over again.
This really set it up nicely where you built it up from nothing, using texture & leaving plenty of holes, that you may or may not fill later.

Great tone too.
Thanks man,

It is always challenging to do a cover and how to interpret it.

We sometimes try to be as close as possible to the original. And some tunes offers the freedom to spice it a bit up with the own flavor.