Moonchild - Rory Gallagher (with Warmoth Roasted Maple Neck)


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Dear friends,
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This new Moonchild-cover (originally from 1976) is in honor and in memory of Rory Gallagher - to me, one of the greatest blues rock singer / songwriter and guitarists of all time (R.I.P.).

And with this cover my winding musical Rory Gallagher journey closes in a circle and somehow leads me back to the beginning. And the beginning started in a damp rehearshal room in my hometown somewhere in the middle of the 70s when I tried "Bullfrog Blues" with my first band (as a bassman!). I was 15 years old. From a today's perspective, it was probably a real disaster. But we had fun and felt great! The sky was the limit  :icon_jokercolor:

This is not a note-by-note cover. Please take it as an interpretation of the original and how I feel his music.

Rory and his band were a thoroughbred live band who knew how to ignite fireworks on stage and in the audience. Not infrequently they played more than 300 gigs a year - especially in the 70s. I tried very hard to capture some of the live fireworks in this song project. Of course, this is not so easy without a live audience ...

His playing technique is challenging. And this applies especially to his fast finger vibrato and bending.

In terms of guitar parts, I partly stuck to the studio recording. The outro solo, however, is mostly freely improvised and has also been shaped by my own flavor.

I played the guitar parts with a moded James Tyler Variax JTV69 with a Warmoth neck (roasted mable neck and stainless steel frets). Rory used to play in various pickup positions. He sometimes played the intro-riff in the position 2. That is what I did for the guitar rhythm parts.

Like Rory, I put a cleaner booster (from my FX8 Fractal Audio FX-Board) in front of my Marshall amp (Marshall JVM 410, Crunch/Yellow with Gain 4/10 at break level). For the lead parts I add a tube screamer effect in addition. Rory used to play mainly on Combos like VOX AC30 and Fender Bassman.

I recorded the vocals and all the instruments myself.

I look forward to your feedback  :icon_thumright:

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All the best - wolbai