Step by Step for Boonedog


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Boonedog asked me for the steps I took to do the 54 Style 2-Tone Sunburst Strat.  I thought the step by step was already posted but it must have been on the old board so here you go Boonedog.  

Here it is out of the box.  I love this piece of wood!!


I used Jasco oil base paste filler. One filler coat, let it set a week to shrink then do a wash coat of lacquer.  Dry over night and level sand with 320.  Do another filler coat and let it set for a couple of days.  3 coats of lacquer with a 320 level sand between each coat to make sure the grain is filled. This is after filler.


Next it gets a shaded coat of yellow lacquer.  I mix Dunn-Edwards Hansa Yellow “Color in Oil” in my McFadden’s lacquer. I used about a tablespoon of tint in the jar you see.


Here it is with the yellow coat.


I shoot a couple coats of clear and level sand before I shade the out side edge.  I use a Devilbiss EGA jamb gun to shoot the burst.  I mix black lacquer with some brown aniline from Luthiers Mercantile to get my color.  It helps to get you hands on a real 54 to match the color.  I can’t give you a formula I just matched a 54.


I use the jack cup to determine the width of the dark band.  This is what it looks like.


For the last color band I add more of the brown colorant to my dark and shoot the final shade.


After that it get 6 to 8 really thin coats of clear McFadden's.  


Wet sand, rub out, and its ready for final set up.


Hope that helps you.  Good Luck!

Excellent, thanks for the tutorial, and it looks great!  Maybe one day I'll have a garage to do this sort of stuff in :D