Spoke Nut truss rods for easy heel adjustment. (See pictures)


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This has got to be the best truss rod for heel adjustment necks. Ernie Ball installs them on their John Petrucci guitars and they're a dream. They would require a little extra body routing, but I don't see Warmoth having a problem making this option. I actually think they would be best on bass necks. And definitely better than Warmoth's existing side adjustment, which is good, but I can see spoke nuts having more torque and lasting longer.


If you look close, you can see it on this petrucci guitar.

I use these on my single-cut basses, and as requested on more traditional basses. the StewMac trussrods are heavier than other styles, and they also require a deeper channel route.  since Warmoth makes their trussrods in-house, they'd need to design something similar that didn't infringe on anything patented/trademarked unles they were willing to pay the small royalties

I really like the ease of adjustment - and with the added bonus of no special tools being required

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ernie ball uses them on all there basses, and ibanez uses it on two basses.

i have suggested this three times now, so yeah someone else wants them to.

i hate taking off bell covers, and loosening strings and taking strings out of the nut just to make an adjustment.

so get on it warmoth.  :sad: