Speaker crossover wiring experts - Help?


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I recently bought a little Fender monitor to use as a speaker for a tiny, low-volume bass rig - Crate Powerblock -> Fender 110ELC, maybe an EQ pedal, it's just for beating around on. The speaker looks mostly like this one, except it's got two bigger horns at the top though it's still a "110ELC":

When I got it (used on Ebay), I found that there was a little blue cylindrical object stuck behind the speaker grille. I managed to coax it out through the port, then through the hole where I took off the speaker pole socket. This is it:

It's blue, with two red & two gold stripes, 7/8" long X 5/16" diameter, with a nub of a wire at each end - it's definitely a resistor, supposedly the code says maybe a 220 ohm? There is also another one in there, just stuck to the speaker magnet but not hooked to anything.  :icon_scratch:

Q: What do these things DO? The speaker seems to sound OK at least at low volumes, but these are supposed to be part of the crossover network. I looked through the bottom hole, and it looks like each resistor was wired into the side of one of the high-frequency horns, and, it just... fell off? Or was clipped? I can make do without the horns for the purpose I need it for right now, but should I try and undo the clips that hook up the horns? Am I going to blow something up just thumping away without them? What DID the resistors used to resist? I've tried googling for "speaker crossover network wiring" and variants, and I can't find an answer...  :help:

There really doesn't appear to be any way into the cabinet short of ripping up some carpet to get at the wood screws. I have to do all the work through the pole-mount hole in the bottom, or it's major surgery - is it going to blow up without the resistors in line, just as it is? Thanx, if anyone knows... sometimes I hate Ebay....  :sad:
I can't find any manual/specs for that 10" cab anywhere; I wouldn't worry about it as when using it as a mini-bass cabinet, you're probably not going to produce audio frequencies high enough that the 10" speaker won't handle them.

You should be able to pull the grill and take the speaker out and just clip the wiring to the "tweeter"/horn/crossover and be done with it.