so what kind of education do you guys have?


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as i read this board more often i feel like i know sme of you guys very well, sooo what kind of education to you have, what school did you go to, what did you study, did you enjoy your

time and your school and so on... also what ever field you study in  did you end up getting a job in it or did you move on and do something else in your life....

i currently go to ryerson university and i am pursuing a degree in business management,but im having second thoughts about what im doing in my life and i think i might get into a trade...
That's pretty wide open.  Sounds like you're at a bit of a crossroads there. 

I've done a lot of years at university, ended up with three degrees, and done a lot of engineering work.  But I've also done construction management jobs and did a lot of trade work doing that.  Currently I'm in broadcast engineering working for a company that makes production video equipment.

So I guess I've kinda done both.  I'd say keep with the business management - at least you'll know the ins and outs of running your own trade company if you decide to do that.
Community College...

Business Information Technology (Diploma completed)
Computer Systems - Management and Support (Dropped out)
Motor Vehicle Repair - Mechanical (Diploma completed, apprenticeship started, worked 3 years as an apprentice, quit - not worth it)

I am now a security guard (Commissionaire) while I figure out what to do next, and try to build up some funds.
Bachelor's of Science in Biological Sciences from Clemson University.......currently the middle school science teacher at lowly Timmerman Private school in Columbia, SC (worst city ever)
Garduated H.S. from Richardson, TX. (suburb of Dallas). Went to a Jr. college for a year and a half(drop-out)..Got a job at Rockwell International (subcontractor for NASA) as a data entry clerk. Got fired.... :headbang1:  Ended up in machine shop of a Major plastics manufacturer....
BA in Communications Theory from Texas A&M University

Worked in Radio, Commercial Real Estate, and now Business Process for a major insurance company (think translator for the business side to the geeks).
School of hard knocks for a few years after High school, Joined the Marine Corp. learned electronics, got out and got into electrical trade.

The constuction trades are tough, some pay well, electrical, plumbers, fitters, and a few others, but it's a tough go, we're always working our way out of a job, and relying on some young kid to bid and get us our next job.

Mayfly you amaze me, your the most rounded guy here, everytime you type something I like you more and more.

As for the OP saying he feels he knows us, I agree, I feel like I know and trust many of you here, but, I really don't know many of you at all, But I still trust you guys.

Great thread.....
University of Toronto, Biology/Psychology, just finished final exams.

Pending is medical school and masters program admission. (I'll find out shortly).

This summer: building addition to cottage.
I'm currently in the second year of a BEng (honours) in electronics and have previously dropped out of a BEng (honours) in motorsport engineering because what they thought was teaching was in reality a mix of sarcasm and equations that even maths graduates couldn't understand (I went to one for help). If I pass everything this year I will have and HND in electronics so even if I really screw up next year I'll still have some sort of qualification.  :icon_biggrin:
I have a BA in mathematics from the University of Chicago.  I've been working for a software company since I graduated.
Berklee College of Music Grad.  Degree in Music Production and Engineering.

Currently work in accounting for a hotel and comment on the Warmoth board in my spare time.  :)
Technical School or whatever you call it, high school level, but tech in mechanic...

Thinking in go to college of architecture or physical education (don't know how you call it, the teachers of gym, etc)... but many options still opened (or a big doubt living :laughing7:)
Studied one term of philosophy, three terms of english, collapsed; took a few years to get back and then went to university: now have a degree in optometry that I'm still trying to complete.
Alfang said:
Mayfly you amaze me, your the most rounded guy here, everytime you type something I like you more and more.

Might change your mind if you met me in person  :icon_jokercolor:
Wanted to get an Acoustical Engineering degree from MIT, but wasn't accepted. Went for an EE instead and changed to Bus Mgt, then a MBA. Spent 12 years in operations mgt, 8 years in account mgt and 4 years in process improvement mgt (Six Sigma).
Degree in Audio/Video Production...

Been a Satellite Engineer and now Software Developer for the Joint Special Operations University.
The school system is a little bit different where I come from.
After high school, I studied Small Business and Retail management. after that, during my first real job I did a course for realtor on the side, but never completed that... thank God for that!

Since then, I did all kinds of things.. Retail Sales, Retail Management, Outside Sales, Telesales, Customer Service, Inside Sales, Inside Sales Management,  Manager of the Process and Quality Department, etc... right now I am some kind of Contracts and Licensing Specialist.
B.S. in Psychology from Florida State, with an emphasis on what's now called "evolutionary psychology" or "sociobiology" - I do keep up my reading. I liked cooking, so I spent more time as a cook/chef/kitchen manager/caterer than anything else - specifically putting up with moody Frenchmen to pick their brains. I know enough computer that I did that for for a while, now I do legal freelance writing in the most boring imaginable field - trusts, will, estates. I work three hours a day.... :hello2: and play guitar the rest of the time, teach guitar,  etc. There's going to be a fantastic glut of people with useless degrees really soon, the Chinese & Indians don't need American MBA's.

The two biggest growth fields of the next twenty years will be in converting suburban housing developments into small communal farms, and large-animal veterinary work. The cheap fossil fuels are gone, it takes two barrels of oil to extract a barrel of oil from Canadian shale - Newt won't tell you that part. Because human beings are idiots we're not using the remaining cheap oil to build solar-cell factories, hydrodynamic dams, wind farms etc. - try running a bulldozer on electricity, Poindexter, it's called "portable torque". We'd still rather fly jets around, drive SUV's and heat McMansions, obviously we've collectively decided to crash the whole system instead of acting responsibly.
Euthenasia may be a big growth field.... :party07: Buy acoustic, cause when the electricity shuts off only the millionaires will get it back. :help:
Markoooooo said:
Manager of the Process and Quality Department.

Fun fact, at that point Marko was the manager of my ol' mom.

I got an associates in graphic design, and now I'm in sales..  way to use that degree..

It's not my fault tho.. I'm good at sales.