Sir, thats not a kitten.

Vol. Knob

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So I put a bird netting around our Strawberry bed the other week.  Its been working great, its even keeping the Oposoms out.  Well, mostly.  We found this guy stuck in the netting on Memorial Day.

I wish I was videoing our trip to the Emergency Animal Clinic (animal control picks up any wild animals you drop off there!).  The Vet behind the counter asked "How can I help you?".  So I says "Somethings wrong with our kitten!".  Then my stepdaughter makes a sad face and sets the box with the baby Oposom on the counter.  "Sir, thats not a kitten" said the vet....

And yes.  I know.  Oposoms are anoying evil beasts who carry flea infestations, raid trash, raid gardens, carry diseases, they're ugly, etc.  I should have just bashed its head in and disposed of the body.  Heck, one of the things I love about my Mutt Bull dog, Rufus, is how many dead Oposoms he's delivered to my back porch.  But, this one was baby.  I'm soft that way.   

I should have called my brother, he thinks these things are cute, he'd have tried to raise it.  He once found a baby snapping turtle after a flood and kept it.  It grew fast, it got huge, it smelled bad, and it was the single meanest creature I've ever seen as a pet.  He eventually had to set it free in a lake.  He'd have fallen in love with this ugly little troll and built it the Taj Mahal of cages.
Opossums are beneficial animals because they kill rats, mice, gophers, etc...  I wouldn't be killing them.  As long as you can keep them out of your vegetable garden, I say encourage them, even if they are hideous.  At least they're better than nutrias!  Those things are disgusting AND destructive. 
Wow, he seemed to be really calm while she was cutting him loose. Almost like he was playing dead. [rimshot][/rimshot]