Ziggy the Giant Dog - Adoptable soon in Southern Nevada.


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So this is a story of what's happening in my life, but also an invitation to explore adopting this dog, or share this with a friend. If this is not your thing, your kind indulgence is requested.


On Friday, May 12, we agreed to rescue a dog. I think it took us all by surprise. A person was giving him away for free on Facebook and posted a lone picture of him looking so sad, with nails that were so overgrown they were twisting; and we just couldn't leave him. His owner simply lacked the financial means to provide for his care. So by Saturday evening, he was home with us, and our adventure had begun in earnest.

Here is the before shot of his forepaws. Poor guy could hardly walk.

First thing Sunday morning, we took him to the vet and had his nails trimmed. They determined that he is probably around 7 years old. The veterinarian observed swelling in his knees, and says that Ziggy may suffer from lower back disease or arthritis in his hips. We have started him on anti-inflammatory meds, and his movement is already noticeably easier. We are hopeful that his condition can be managed long-term with medication. Apart from these medical issues, he is a big, happy, healthy friend beast. Heart and lungs check out fine, and his teeth appear healthy. His feet were sensitive from his nails being painfully overgrown, but he is recovering rapidly from that. We are happy to report that he has been observed actually frolicking!

Ziggy Dancing
[click link for frolicsome pupper]

His full name, according to my son, his cousin, and their friend, is Ziggy Smalls Oxide Amadeus (insert your last name here); but he came to us as just plain Ziggy. Other sobriquets include Notorious Z.I.G., Zigonometry, Ziglet, and Big Zig Newton. He is an Anatolian shepherd dog mix, also known as a Kangal outside the USA. As a practical matter, this means he is the size of a Buick Roadmaster and he has the complexion of a polar bear. So, now we have this delightful glacial land mass drifting through our house at 120lbs. By comparison, Strawberry, our little Tijuana street rescue dog, is about 22 lbs.


Ziggy (left) and his new pal, Strawberry.

Here is the thing, though, about this boy. Despite his owner's inability to provide for his care, Ziggy was very well loved. He is up to date on his shots and was used as an emotional support animal. And when you meet him you will understand why: Ziggy is an achingly pure gentleman giant, made from love. If one were to describe him in a single word, that word would be “serene.” If one were to add a second word, it would be "large," but we've covered that already. Ziggy is good with humans of all ages; he is good with all dogs, including our dog Strawberry (22lbs); and he desperately wants to be friends with our cats, Donut and Caboose, and I think he will make it happen. He respects their need for distance but you can see the desire to be friendly in his gentle approach.


An amazing rescue organization, A Home 4 Spot (https://ahome4spot.com/), has agreed to help us place Ziggy in a forever home. We will foster him for as long as it takes to find a perfect family for him. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please reach out to A Home 4 Spot.

Ziggy would do well in a single-story home. Because of his stiff joints, climbing stairs is an effort for him. He is gentle, calm, and affectionate, and has no aggression around toys, food, or territorial competition with other animals or children's invasiveness. He needs some light exercise, but he’s not Dalmatian-level energetic. He just needs to have a little walk and a little play in the yard from time to time. He behaves well on a leash, and he knows his name, he understands "no" and "leave it", and he can sit and stay. The family who adopts Ziggy will truly hit the jackpot. He is such a sweet, empathetic boy, and is as gentle as a summer breeze (with a giant head).

Thanks for your time, y'all.

Rescue animals are great. Our two rescue kitty sisters, Grace & Frankie, who we adopted at 10 weeks, recently turned two years old. They are the two most spoiled cats on the planet!

Too big for my house, but he sounds like such a sweet dog. I hope he finds a good home.
That's awesome that you fostered Zig. My wife started a rescue Jan 2023 - and to date she has rescued 11 dogs (one named 'Zig", btw). We're in a tiny Canadian town minutes from the Minnesota border, and despite hundreds of hours of community outreach she hasn't been able to set up even one person in a local foster network... We have three tiny dogs of our own and it's a stretch to even manage hosting three rescues at any given time (we had five staying here at one point!). If we had some fosters on tap, we could have rescued probably a dozen more dogs this year (our town is constantly overrun with stray "rez dogs" - several surrounding First Nations bands don't really have any effective animal control - and the town animal control has a 72-hour kill order)