Showcase search question... request?


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Hi All

I have committed to a tele body for my next build (ordered 3 weeks ago). What I'm less committed on is the headstock shape.

Does anyone know if it is possible to enter parameters into the search that could return all showcase necks with the tele(r) shape heel.

Thanks in advance
i agree with your assessment, it would be nice if you could search all necks with head shape being a pulldown option as is nut width, core wood, etc.; if someone wants to search for only strat headstock, they could choose that option. js
Unless there's a weird return that's put up on the showcase, the only necks with a Tele® heel will be Tele® replacement necks. If you want a different headstock shape, it will have to be a custom order.

That being said, off the top of my head, the one neck I can think of on the showcase with a Tele® heel but different headstock is this one (item SN-31159):
when looking for a neck for a tele, you can use both heels and therefore any head shape
I think the bigger point is that you used to be able to search all bodies or all necks and filter down from there to find Koa tops or SRV profiles regardless of shape/neck. That would be nice again.
I am concerned about being too committed! You don't want to get YOURSELF committed!!!!!!!:oops:
first thing need to fix is , the New item is not NEW , how to find new list show cast ?
then Sort By Core Wood on body or neck width etc , can apply to all show cast item , for example I need 1:3/4 neck width , as it not many , it can be Start . tele or CBS , on old web site , can do this search .
The old style (pre website change) allowed you to view all tele necks.

At the time, there were dozens, if not hundreds to page through.

You could sort by truss rod style, fretboard, headstock, wood type, etc.

It was great