Let me introduce.. My next guitar

Cool, glad it worked for you. Look forward to seeing your pics.

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The neck pocket is a little tight, but nothing that a few passes with some sandpaper can't quickly resolve.


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Making some progress.

Over the weekend spent some time polishing frets and today mounted the bridge, scratch guard and pickups.


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Here are a couple pics of it assembled. I may replace the chrome scratch guard screws with black.

I have wired it using a Mod Garage article from Premier Guitar.

The color variations are a prime example of my photo editing skills. :oops:

So far I am quite happy with the playability of it.


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Just a quick final update.

I've been playing it a lot, the others are getting green with jealousy. :cry: It is the first Tele I have ever played and I feel the attraction. I am very happy with how it plays and sounds.

The only future change I can see would be to switch the tone and volume, not sure what I was thinking when I soldered everything up, putting the volume in the rear next to the 3-way! With the Seymour Duncans, I'm relay liking the the MOD Garage switching (single coil, both coils in series and both coils in parallel)

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, likes, and such, they have been most appreciated.

Till GAS attacks..... again.