Set necks

Set necks are a gimick they have less sustain than a bolt on. Gibson offers them to up the prices when actually in the factory they are easier to do than a bolt on neck.
Ever thought for a moment about history?

About how all Gibson knew how to make were hollow bodies - with glued in necks?  How the LP was the first they did as a solid body and ... jeeze any wonder it had a glued in neck?  The carved top - they say harder to duplicate - but really... not in a rip off way, but in a "the competition (Fender) cant do this" way.  Lets take the LP, thicker body by a fraction than Fender.  Much thicker neck profile, and different wood (mahogwood vs maplesurple wood).  No wonder the "lore" was built on the "set neck principle".

Its not so.
I warned y'all....

Nurse Judy Costume: $24.95
Nipple Clamps: $6.99
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