Schaller M6 135 tuner holes


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Hi there,

Does anybody knows  which tuner holes the Schaller M6 135 require? 10MM or the 11/32"? There is nothing at Warmoth's website about that. They seem to be perfect for Fender necks... but which one? I even read something about smaller headstocks... Crazy...

Yes you need the Schaller / Modern Fender / Sperzel (25/64" - 9.92mm) option that Warmoth provides. Here you can see Schaller M6 135 being installed into the holes...

The Mystical Mahogany Build...Tuners Installed

When you mention perfect for Fender necks you would need to have a Fender neck with a modern 10mm bore. However a lot of those are drilled for two pin locators. If you want to put Schallers onto a two pin locator Fender neck you would be better off with the F-Series Standard + Locking which are a direct retrofit. Do not get the Schaller M6 Pin for a Fender neck as the location of the pins is different between the M6 and the Schaller F-Series.