Do Hipshot tuners work with Gotoh/Grover holes?


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Hi everyone,

I ordered a neck with the Gotoh/Grover style tuner holes, since I had already purchased some regular gotoh tuners in nickle. Since then, I found the hipshot locking ones are also available in nickle, so I am leaning towards picking those up. Will they fit in the holes just fine as is? Their website says "Compatible with 13/32" [10mm] headstock holes" which sounds right, but I know the holes have a step down to 11/32" at the top - does that matter?

Thank you in advance!
You might have to do some reaming. I think this was discussed before if you do a search.  You could also call the hipshot people.
There is a very good chance that they will work. At one time the Schaller bore used to be  (25/64" 11/32") and the Hipshots fit fine in there and the now straight 25/64" bore.

You can see this in this post from a thread I did almost eight years ago now...

They will fit. A touch on the loose side actually.
Years ago I ordered a neck with the 2 step schaller holes, but the larger 2 step was actually drilled. As the neck was out of a wood that isn’t always available, I went ahead and accepted it.
The Hipshot’s are touch loose ( no push in required).
A wrap of tin foil snugged them up (it’s that close)
Yes, they work.  I've built 2 guitars with the Grover / Gotoh route and Hipshot locking tuners.
Thanks everyone! I ordered them and they in fact DO fit, so yay! Finally found some locking tuners in nickel - which was surprisingly difficult.